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Vincent Browne, 14th Oct 2009

Coming down the tracks like a freight train, The Vincent Browne Panel takes some beating. Scientists predict a 42% chance of Fionnan Sheehan. Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 7th Oct 2009


Vincent Browne, 6th Oct 2009

Gilmore wields the knife, Kenny chimes in too. The Government slumbers in public and seethes in private. The Ceann Comhairle would like just one more week to see if the Greens will collapse the coalition and give him his last free trip, back to the Dail. You can’t miss tonight’s #vinb

Vincent Browne, 5th October 2009

This Is Hardcore. #VinB

Vincent Browne, 1st Oct 2009

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness. And politics. October starts as it means to go on, with Vin B talking to the stars. #vinb

Vincent Browne, 29th Sept 2009

Will this be the night that Vincent gets up on his desk and starts to tell us all exactly what we’ve done wrong all these years? Let’s hops so . Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, Sept 28th 2009

Everybody get down! Everybody Do the V. Browne!

Vincent Browne, 25th Sept 2009

Vincent juggles flaming chainsaws for 40 minutes. Then a panel of Sunday newspapers journalists will review his performance. Hashtag:#vinb

Vincent Browne, 24th Sept 2009

Vincent Browne decides to have an all-canine panel this evening. Or just the usual mix of journalists and politicians. You’ll have to take a look to see. hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 16th Sept 2009

Even without looking I have a feeling tonights topics might just be NAMA related. *Looks* Yup. I thought so.

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