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Vincent Browne, 14th Sept 2009

Ian Kehoe of the Sun Business Post, and Michael Clifford from the Sun Trib take a peep at Zoe before being joined by Edel Kennedy of the Indo and Anton Savage of no known publication.

Vincent Browne, 10th Sept 2009

Classic! Alan Ruddock of the Sunday Independent, Patricia Callan of the Small Firms Association, Justine McCarthy of the Sunday Times and… wait for it… Eugene McCartan of the Communist Party of Ireland. #vinb For the Win!

Vincent Browne, 9th Sept 2009 #vinb

Coming up like a freight train, its NAMARAMA! Robbie Kelleher head of research at Davy Stockbrokers and Brian Lucey of Trinity College are tonight’s NAMAs in Pyjamas.

Vincent Browne, 8th September 2009 #vinb

Vincent Browne presents his brand new, not in the slightest way like the old News show, Entertainment and Lifestyle programme. Tonight: Peter v Katie, we go in depth.

Vincent Browne, Thurs 2nd July

A special edition of the show where Vincent has a one on one interview with the Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan.

Vincent Browne, Wed 1st July

After last night’s Temple of Doom, I’m sure we’ll be seeing Vincent’s cheerier side. Expect balloons and karaoke.

Vincent Browne, Tues 30th June

Tonight’s panel is unknown. I presume it will be a Martin Manseragh, some sort of Billy Timmons, a Sunday Times sort and Niamh of the Golden Hair from Tir na nOg.

Vincent Browne, Thursday 18th June

VinB’s excursion into the world of the ideas continues this week; a French Mime explains why her work was the cause of the fall of the Berlin wall. Also, there’s a dog that does backflips. Alternatively it will be a panel of politicians and journalists.

Vincent Browne, 15th June

The Authors of The Spirit Level (not the Seamus Heaney one) in interview.

Vincent Browne, 25th May

Panel: Joe Higgins, Mary-Lou McDonald, Emmanuel Sweeney, Eibhlin Byrne. Super short version.

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