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Vincent Browne, 24th Nov 2009

The old warhorse starts another week, pulling the a cart full of panellists behind him.

Vincent Browne, 18th Nov 2009

Majority of the panel sans testes tonight as Elaine Hutson, from the Smurfit School of Business and Linda O’Shea-Farren (an actual bank Director) outflank former banker Peter Matthews. Then some boys will come on to talk about football. Because it is for boys.

Vincent Browne, 4th Nov 2009

Vincent Browne, 2nd Nov 2009

Vincent juggles firebreathing goldfish for an all UN-SecGeneral Panel. Or, as is more likely, some journalists and politicians. The fish thing is totally going to happen, though. Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 29th Oct 2009

It’s a return to normality tonight. I’m back in my living room and the Vincent Browne studio is populated by people you might have heard of. Pat Rabbitte TD and Michael O’Regan from the Irish Times have a bit of a wander over the hundreds of amendments and fit-ups being made with tiny hammers to the NAMA Bill. Twitter Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 27th Oct 2009

It isn’t quite the all-opera special we’ve been looking for, but we’re edging closer to it. Tonight, Arthur Scargill, former President for Life of the National Union of Mineworkers and current head (and, who knows, possible only member) of the UK’s Socialist Labour Party joins Vincent. Expect the word ‘militancy’. Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 22nd Oct 2009

Making their points through the medium of competitive body popping on the topic of pending industrial unrest will be Kevin Callinan of IMPACT, Gerald Flynn and UCD economist Joe Durkan. Special Treat: Brenda Power will be on, with Nicola Mountford, to give us her thoughts on the papers. PLUS!: Will we hear VinB’s assessment of Bertie’s Buke? Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 20th Oct 2009

Shocking new changes to the format of tonight’s liveblog! But, on the other hand, I’m pretty sure there are no changes to the format of Vincent Browne. Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 19th Oct 2009

I don’t know who tonight’s panel is, but it’s 10c for everyone in the audience for every woman on the panel before the papers. Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 16th Oct 2009

Vincent has it tough at either end of the week. Pat Kenny on Monday’s soaking up all the good guests. And on Friday the Late Late hogs the attention. But what you don’t know is that he keeps all the best shows for those days. Hashtag: #vinb

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