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Vincent Browne, 4th Jan 2010

Rock out with the return of the Mack! Or, you know, just wait and see if the ladies will be kept till after the ads. It’s the one and only Hashtag #vinb Vincent Brown. He’s back, Back, BACK!

The Frontline, 7th Dec 2009

After the Murphy Report, it’s a Church and State special tonight. 10 of Peter’s Pence to the first sighting of an Iona Institutional. Also in studio- Andrew Maddan and reps from Countmeout.ie

Vincent Browne, 3rd December 2009

The Murphy Report is covered again today, with the superlative Mary Raftery, Pat Rabbitte and Patsy McGarry.

The Frontline, 30th Nov 2009

The Apprentice, 30th Nov 2009

Apprentice antics lead to boardroom dressing down. Rinse and Repeat.

The Late Late Toy Show, 27th Nov 2009

Here it is! The clarion blast from Tubridy’s Trumpet of Toys to declare that the Christmas season (brought to us by Smyths toys, as we’re never allowed forget) has begun. All over the country, strings of coloured lights are being taken down from the attic and children are making lists of brand specific requests for Santa.

Vincent Browne, 24th Nov 2009

The old warhorse starts another week, pulling the a cart full of panellists behind him.

The Frontline, 23rd Nov 2009

Tonight, Pat covers Anti-Social Behaviour, ASBOs and the Public Service day of action. Prediction: Voices will be raised during the making of this show. Also: Bonus for every 10th mention of the word ‘hoodie’.

The Apprentice, 23rd Nov 2009

The first week back without the Breff-monster. How will Geraldine cope? And can Aoiffffffeee finally manage to see though lead? Also, some product placement for Microsoft.

Vincent Browne, 18th Nov 2009

Majority of the panel sans testes tonight as Elaine Hutson, from the Smurfit School of Business and Linda O’Shea-Farren (an actual bank Director) outflank former banker Peter Matthews. Then some boys will come on to talk about football. Because it is for boys.

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