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Vincent Browne, Tues 19th May

Vincent Browne will not be doing an exhibition of olympic-class body popping. Beyond that, we don’t know what the programme tonight might bring.

Questions and Answers, 18th May 2009

Tonight’s Panel: Eoin Ryan, Gay Mitchell, Mary-Lou MacDonald and Proinsias De Rossa. Special Guests in the audience: All the other Dublin MEP candidates.

The Apprentice Final, TV3

3:55 PM OK, roll call first of all. Who’s at home and who’s in Dame Street?

US Election Night 2008

Election Night Originally uploaded by Pete Ashton

Questions and Answers, 13th October 2008

Biden-Palin Vice Presidential Debate

US Presidential Debate, 27th Sept

11:45 PM This is silly, as there is no way I’m staying up for this. 12:03 AM I am limited to online viewing options for tonight. CNN or CSPAN? 12:07 AM I’m tuning into CNN later I think – they have all sorts of widgetry on screen with audience monitors etc. 12:09 AM Is MSNBC [...]

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