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Green Party Conference, RDS 10th Oct 2009

We’ve had the talks go on for a nail-biting 40 hours, only to finish just in time for yesterday’s 9 O’Clock News. Now the Green Party (or the part of it that shows up) will vote on whether to support NAMA and endorse the new Programme for Government. Follow the debate, with tweets from inside the hall as well as the IrishElection team on the scene. Give your own opinion with hashtags #pfg and #gpcon

Prime Time, 24th Sept 2009

RTE’s flagship Current Affairs programme cranks it out again: Lisbon Debate goes visual!

Global Irish Economic Summit

Reports from, in and around the Global Irish Economic Summit in Farmleigh. Starting 2pm Friday. Photo:Davida3 Hashtag: #gief

LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit

The LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit will be one of the defining moments in our foundation’s history. Delegates representing over 60 countries will commit to make cancer a priority in their home countries. For the 500 attendees this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and for our staff, the culmination of several years very hard work.

Conference: Political Reform In Ireland

Comments in and out via Twitter from Trinity College. Hashtag: #ipol
(photo by infomatique)

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