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The Apprentice, 30th Nov 2009

Apprentice antics lead to boardroom dressing down. Rinse and Repeat.

The Apprentice, 23rd Nov 2009

The first week back without the Breff-monster. How will Geraldine cope? And can Aoiffffffeee finally manage to see though lead? Also, some product placement for Microsoft.

The Apprentice, 12th Oct 2009

They never hold their phones to their ears. Is it any wonder all the contestants on the Apprentice have communication problems? This week the gemstones of Cuchulainn and Platinum are given a house each in Dublin City. The aim of the task is to increase the rental value of each property. Presumably the winner is made head of NAMA. Hashtag: #apprentice

The Apprentice, 28th Sept 2009

Week 2 of the Apprentice, and Bill Cullen and co have to assess another week of blunders and bluster from their candidates across the boardroom table. Hashtag: #apprentice

The Apprentice, 21st Sept 2009

Over on TV3, The Apprentice kicks off again. Bill Cullen faces another panel of thrusting go-getters of questionable intelligence. Who goes? He Decides! Liveblog.ie is going to be going big on the Apprentice over the next week so watch out for more to come. Hashtag: #apprentice

The Apprentice Final, TV3

3:55 PM OK, roll call first of all. Who’s at home and who’s in Dame Street?

The Irish Apprentice Episode 12

9:56 PM Simon McGarr – Bill Cullen wants YOU! 9:57 PM Valerie Woods – Don’t think I’m enough of a warrior for him…..but let’s see how it goes 9:58 PM Suzy Byrne – well he can’t have me! And neither will Q&A with this programme clashing! 10:00 PM Simon McGarr – “I’m a Warrior Bill! [...]

The Irish Apprentice Episode 2

8:09 PM Simon McGarr – We’re in the Digital Hub, trying to persuade EA to let us promote Facebreaker, a boxing game. Runners up (the girls) get to launch Spore. 8:11 PM Simon McGarr – Seems quixotic tonight, as we all stock up on canned goods and automatic weapons for the coming financial Armageddon. 8:13 [...]

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