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The Frontline, 7th Dec 2009

Pat Kenny's The Frontline

Pat Kenny's The Frontline


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  1. Not one sinner soul! other than that of an abused person, or the partner/spouse[ as I am]has a flying f–k of an idea!!!! [please excuse my french!!]of the effect of the abuse of a child. I met my husband of 30years when we were both 14years of age. He was gorgous and I fell in love.He adored and showered me with love but not sex. I felt dirty because over the years I still fancied him and wanted him, and I suppose threw myself at him but he turned away. Need I go on!!! It was only last year that I asked him straight out if something had happened and he broke down, and told me of the flash backs, and is now in counciling. So many lives have been destroyed!!! This is only the tip of the iceberg!! Yours Sincerely Myra O’Shea.

    Posted by Myra O'Shea | December 7, 2009, 11:15 pm
  2. I’m so very tired!! they should pay!!

    Posted by Myra O'Shea | December 7, 2009, 11:18 pm

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