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The Frontline, 7th Dec 2009

After the Murphy Report, it’s a Church and State special tonight. 10 of Peter’s Pence to the first sighting of an Iona Institutional. Also in studio- Andrew Maddan and reps from Countmeout.ie

The Frontline, 30th Nov 2009

The Frontline, 23rd Nov 2009

Tonight, Pat covers Anti-Social Behaviour, ASBOs and the Public Service day of action. Prediction: Voices will be raised during the making of this show. Also: Bonus for every 10th mention of the word ‘hoodie’.

The Frontline, 6th Nov 2009

This week, Mary Hanafin, Minister for Social Welfare comes on to explain why the government needs people with little money to have less. Also, the author of The Lolita Effect in studio. Twitter Tag: #rtefl

The Late Late Show, 6th November 2009

Ryan’s lovely walnut Bachelor Pod is invaded by the Austin Powers of standup, Russell Brand (along with, you know, other comedians). Hashtag: #latelate

The Frontline, 2nd Nov 2009

A game of two halfs tonight: Firstly, Jack O’Connor of SIPTU, Fintan O’Toole, Susan Kelly (Tax consultant) and Moore McDowell (Economist who didn’t spot economy might collapse). Presumably the first two set upon the latter pair, with bets taken by an Indochinese bookie in the front row. Then an Interview with Noam Chomsky (linguistics expert and part time cultural critic). Pat will have been practicing his use of the phrase ‘But the reality is…’ all week. Hashtag: #rtefl

The Frontline, 2nd Nov 2009

Bang! You’ve been hard-hitted. Hashtag: #rtefl

The Late Late Show, 23rd Oct 2009

Donal Og, The Sawdoctors and Daniel O’Donnell are some of tonight’s guests on the Late Late.

The Frontline, 19th Oct 2009

Fas, Negative Equity and a sit down with Eamon Gilmore on tonight’s Frontline. Hashtag: #rtefl

The Late Late Show, 16th October 2009

Vince Vaughan and old folk abuse will be just two of the topics on tonight’s Late Late Show.

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