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Vincent Browne, 24th Nov 2009

The old warhorse starts another week, pulling the a cart full of panellists behind him.

Vincent Browne, 10th Nov 2009

The Emergency’s Joe Taylor roll onto show tonight to review the papers. Warning: There Be NAMA before him. Twitter Tag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 22nd Oct 2009

Making their points through the medium of competitive body popping on the topic of pending industrial unrest will be Kevin Callinan of IMPACT, Gerald Flynn and UCD economist Joe Durkan. Special Treat: Brenda Power will be on, with Nicola Mountford, to give us her thoughts on the papers. PLUS!: Will we hear VinB’s assessment of Bertie’s Buke? Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 15th June

The Authors of The Spirit Level (not the Seamus Heaney one) in interview.

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