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The Late Late Toy Show, 27th Nov 2009

Here it is! The clarion blast from Tubridy’s Trumpet of Toys to declare that the Christmas season (brought to us by Smyths toys, as we’re never allowed forget) has begun. All over the country, strings of coloured lights are being taken down from the attic and children are making lists of brand specific requests for Santa.

The Late Late Show, 13th Nov 2009

Shh, whisper it. From the sounds of things this might- might- not be exactly the A-squad of guest on tonight’s Late Late Show. Though that gives our host a chance to shine, doesn’t it? Twitter tag: #latelate

The Late Late Show, 6th November 2009

Ryan’s lovely walnut Bachelor Pod is invaded by the Austin Powers of standup, Russell Brand (along with, you know, other comedians). Hashtag: #latelate

The Late Late Show, 23rd Oct 2009

Donal Og, The Sawdoctors and Daniel O’Donnell are some of tonight’s guests on the Late Late.

The Late Late Show, 2nd Oct 2009

Glitz! Glamour! Purple and Walnut! All await us in another week’s opportunity of the nation talking to itself. Hashtag: #latelate

The Late Late Show, 25th Sept 2009

Back with another of those block rocking chats! Tubridy decends his tiny showbiz staircase for another Friday night. Hashtag: #latelate

The Late Late Show, 18th Sept 2009

We’re settling in to the new Late Late show now. Come and join us here, just ask for the code to put this liveblog on your site or stick #latelate at the end of your twitter messages.

The Late Late Show, 11th Sept 2009

After last week’s pretty barnstorming performance, and consequent ratings smash, Ryan Tubridy trots down his tiny showbiz staircase again to do it all again. Hashtag, by public demand: #latelate

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