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The Late Late Show, 9th Oct 2009

Ozzy Osbourne and Prince of Darkness, Bertie Ahern Iar-Taoiseach for life join Ryan in his Walnut Wonderland.

The Late Late Show, 11th Sept 2009

After last week’s pretty barnstorming performance, and consequent ratings smash, Ryan Tubridy trots down his tiny showbiz staircase again to do it all again. Hashtag, by public demand: #latelate

Late Late Show, 26th Sept, Sound Off

9:57 PM Last week was a salutary lesson in hubris. No man, alone, could liveblog the carousel of light entertainment that is the Late Late Show. But, just maybe, I might be able to get by part of the way with the sound off. 9:57 PM Kathryne Thomas is on Late Late. I flick on [...]

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