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Leader’s Questions, Dail 13th Oct 2009

Ceann Comhairle John O Donoghue resigns from his position at 2:30 in the Dail today. The speech will be carried live at 2.30 on www.irishelection.com, www.rte.ie and www.oireachtas.ie. John O Donoghue begins at 2:30 with a vote to replace him from 3:00.
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Vincent Browne, 6th Oct 2009

Gilmore wields the knife, Kenny chimes in too. The Government slumbers in public and seethes in private. The Ceann Comhairle would like just one more week to see if the Greens will collapse the coalition and give him his last free trip, back to the Dail. You can’t miss tonight’s #vinb

Dail sitting: John O’Donoghue and NAMA

The Boys are back in town. The Dail returns today, with Bull O’Donoghue in the hotseat over his non-apology apology as the starter and Brian Lenihan announcing the price of NAMA as the main. Presumably, for dessert, the government will blow raspberries at the nation for 20 minutes. Hashtags for liveblog (on IrishElection.com and Liveblog.ie) #nama #jod #irpol

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