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The Apprentice, 12th Oct 2009

They never hold their phones to their ears. Is it any wonder all the contestants on the Apprentice have communication problems? This week the gemstones of Cuchulainn and Platinum are given a house each in Dublin City. The aim of the task is to increase the rental value of each property. Presumably the winner is made head of NAMA. Hashtag: #apprentice

The Frontline, 12th Oct 2009

Tonight the parents and staff of Crumlin Children’s Hospital tell us about the difficulties they have while their children receive care. Hashtag: #rtefl

Vincent Browne, 8th Oct 2009

Something a bit special tonight. A historically themed show, looking back on Sean Lemass’ legacy with Mary Daly, UCD History academic and none other than TK Whitaker, Lemass’ famous Civil Servant to rule them all. You’ll be sorry if you miss it. Hashtag, as always; #vinb

The Apprentice, 28th Sept 2009

Week 2 of the Apprentice, and Bill Cullen and co have to assess another week of blunders and bluster from their candidates across the boardroom table. Hashtag: #apprentice

Rose of Tralee, 2009

Frocks, heels, Ray, party pieces. Lovely girls, live from Kerry. On the telly 8pm 25th-26th August. On the ground now.

Local, Euro and By-Election Count Liveblog #le09

Live from the count in the RDS and all around the country, it’s the Local, Euro and By(e) election extravaganza.

Vincent Browne, Thurs 8th May

Tonight’s panel of non-FF or FG Dublin MEP candidates featured Patricia McKenna, Deirdre DeBurca, Proinsias DeRossa and Caroline Simons. And a warning against 3D Chickens from Brussels. And an 11ft Holographic Richard Burton. Who says Europe’s dull?

Questions and Answers, 13th October 2008

Questions and Answers, 7th Oct 08

Biden-Palin Vice Presidential Debate

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