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The Frontline, 23rd Nov 2009

Tonight, Pat covers Anti-Social Behaviour, ASBOs and the Public Service day of action. Prediction: Voices will be raised during the making of this show. Also: Bonus for every 10th mention of the word ‘hoodie’.

The Frontline, 5th Oct 2009

Frontline enters the Twitter age, adding the #rtefl hashtag to their contact methods tonight. And the panel is pretty FF heavy as the questions centre around the Greens in Government (and possibly John O’Donoghue’s love of foreign travel).

The Frontline, 21st Sept 2009

Today sees the first episode of Pat Kenny’s show (replacing Questions and Answers)- combatively titled The Frontline. We know they’ll be monitoring the Liveblog through the show so this is your chance, potentially, to go beyond just shouting at the TV. Hashtag #rtefl

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