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The Last Questions and Answers, 29th June

The final Questions and Answers. A plethora of Panels look back on over 20 years of being asked if they’d agree to things. Also includes an interview with Brian Cowen, for your enhanced viewing pleasure.

Questions and Answers, 1st December 2008

12:32 PM Simon McGarr – And we’re out. 12:32 PM Simon McGarr – Is it just me or does even the theme music sound tired? 11:38 PM Antoin O Lachtnain – you know the story about the pilots? they borrowed money to buy aer lingus shares at 2.90. 11:37 PM Antoin O Lachtnain – just [...]

Questions and Answers 10th Nov 2008

A God-Bothering Special!

Questions and Answers 3rd Nov 08

10:53 PM Simon McGarr – Just a little half hearted about this evening’s liveblogging. The panel features Dr. Aldous from UCD’s history dept. I feel badly towards Richard Aldous, as he was on staff in UCD when I was an undergraduate and now looks younger than me. 10:55 PM Simon McGarr – The first question [...]

Questions and Answers, 7th Oct 08

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