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Liveline, 13th Oct 2009

Talk to Joe! Or, if you prefer, talk about the people talking to Joe right here. Hashtag: #liveline

The Apprentice, 12th Oct 2009

They never hold their phones to their ears. Is it any wonder all the contestants on the Apprentice have communication problems? This week the gemstones of Cuchulainn and Platinum are given a house each in Dublin City. The aim of the task is to increase the rental value of each property. Presumably the winner is made head of NAMA. Hashtag: #apprentice

The Late Late Show, 9th Oct 2009

Ozzy Osbourne and Prince of Darkness, Bertie Ahern Iar-Taoiseach for life join Ryan in his Walnut Wonderland.

The Apprentice, 5th Oct 2009

Team Platinum clashes with with Team CuChulann. So far the boys are two men down. So this week, Bill is going to mix things up a bit.

The Late Late Show, 2nd Oct 2009

Glitz! Glamour! Purple and Walnut! All await us in another week’s opportunity of the nation talking to itself. Hashtag: #latelate

The Apprentice, 28th Sept 2009

Week 2 of the Apprentice, and Bill Cullen and co have to assess another week of blunders and bluster from their candidates across the boardroom table. Hashtag: #apprentice

The Late Late Show, 25th Sept 2009

Back with another of those block rocking chats! Tubridy decends his tiny showbiz staircase for another Friday night. Hashtag: #latelate

The Apprentice, 21st Sept 2009

Over on TV3, The Apprentice kicks off again. Bill Cullen faces another panel of thrusting go-getters of questionable intelligence. Who goes? He Decides! Liveblog.ie is going to be going big on the Apprentice over the next week so watch out for more to come. Hashtag: #apprentice

The Late Late Show, 18th Sept 2009

We’re settling in to the new Late Late show now. Come and join us here, just ask for the code to put this liveblog on your site or stick #latelate at the end of your twitter messages.

Shane Hegarty on Liveblogging the first Late Late Show

If you missed it in Saturday’s Irish Times, here’s the link to Shane Hegarty’s Present Tense column where he discusses the joy of Liveblogging the first Turbridy Late Late Show. A taster: “It was clear that Twitter added something special. It brought honesty, gut reactions, a lot of intelligence and some great jokes.”

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