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Vincent Browne, 27th Oct 2009

It isn’t quite the all-opera special we’ve been looking for, but we’re edging closer to it. Tonight, Arthur Scargill, former President for Life of the National Union of Mineworkers and current head (and, who knows, possible only member) of the UK’s Socialist Labour Party joins Vincent. Expect the word ‘militancy’. Hashtag: #vinb

The Apprentice, 26th Oct 2009

#Breffneywatch continues. Can the BreffMonster survive another week of total non-achievement? Also, some other candidates do some stuff which makes it unlikely they’ll ever be hired for any job for the rest of their lives. Hashtag: #apprentice

Vincent Browne, 22nd Oct 2009

Making their points through the medium of competitive body popping on the topic of pending industrial unrest will be Kevin Callinan of IMPACT, Gerald Flynn and UCD economist Joe Durkan. Special Treat: Brenda Power will be on, with Nicola Mountford, to give us her thoughts on the papers. PLUS!: Will we hear VinB’s assessment of Bertie’s Buke? Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 20th Oct 2009

Shocking new changes to the format of tonight’s liveblog! But, on the other hand, I’m pretty sure there are no changes to the format of Vincent Browne. Hashtag: #vinb

Vincent Browne, 19th Oct 2009

I don’t know who tonight’s panel is, but it’s 10c for everyone in the audience for every woman on the panel before the papers. Hashtag: #vinb

The Apprentice, 19th Oct 2009

Over on TV3, The Apprentice kicks off again. Bill Cullen faces another panel of thrusting go-getters of questionable intelligence. Who goes? He Decides! Hashtag: #apprentice

Vincent Browne, 16th Oct 2009

Vincent has it tough at either end of the week. Pat Kenny on Monday’s soaking up all the good guests. And on Friday the Late Late hogs the attention. But what you don’t know is that he keeps all the best shows for those days. Hashtag: #vinb

The Apprentice, 12th Oct 2009

They never hold their phones to their ears. Is it any wonder all the contestants on the Apprentice have communication problems? This week the gemstones of Cuchulainn and Platinum are given a house each in Dublin City. The aim of the task is to increase the rental value of each property. Presumably the winner is made head of NAMA. Hashtag: #apprentice

Vincent Browne, 6th Oct 2009

Gilmore wields the knife, Kenny chimes in too. The Government slumbers in public and seethes in private. The Ceann Comhairle would like just one more week to see if the Greens will collapse the coalition and give him his last free trip, back to the Dail. You can’t miss tonight’s #vinb

The Apprentice, 5th Oct 2009

Team Platinum clashes with with Team CuChulann. So far the boys are two men down. So this week, Bill is going to mix things up a bit.

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