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Labour Party Conference, 2009

Posted By Simon McGarr On March 27, 2009 @ 3:58 pm In Features,ireland,news,politics | 1 Comment

  • 12:03 PM krayZpaving - RT @labour [1]: Conference website now live. Go to Labour.ie/conference2009/. #LP09
  • 12:49 PM krayZpaving - Speechwriting for Labour Conference (#LP09) at the moment. Gotta make the most of Saturday telly time for Nessa Childers, our MEP candidate.
  • 5:34 PM astarmain - survived giving the course. Now to sort out heading to Mullingar tomorrow for #lp09
  • 5:34 PM eoinbannon - Any other bloggers heading for Mullingar this weekend? YRC will be there. #LP09
  • 6:50 PM krayZpaving - ScribbleLive for Labour Party Conference is now up (kicks off Friday at 18:30) – head over to http://is.gd/p73j [2] #LP09
  • 6:55 PM stretchneil - Goodness me, I’ve been terribly quiet on the interweb recently. Looking forward to putting that right in the next couple of weeks…
  • 7:25 PM RebeccaMoy - Hopping mad at Jim Power’s crazy idea. Economics & health don’t mix http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2009/0326/1224243451773.html [3]
  • 12:59 PM ianmcgahon - New blog post http://tinyurl.com/dacewt [4] #LP09
  • 12:59 PM krayZpaving - Backdrops and displays up. Just checking in on email right now. Eamon GIlmore out and about in Mullingar Town right now #LP09
  • 12:59 PM krayZpaving - Hailstones at #LP09
  • 12:59 PM keithster - Ah conference Friday! Will be on the road to Mullingar at 3 #lp09
  • 1:31 PM keithster - Will be on tv tomorrow morning on RTE 1. Speaking on banking and economy motion. #LP09
  • 2:22 PM krayZpaving - Time to check in to my B&B and get suited up for the evening. #LP09
  • 2:33 PM krayZpaving - New candidate for Ireland North West euro election to be announced by @labour [1] at 5pm #LP09
  • 2:55 PM keithster - we R on the road 2 Mullingar & destiny! I hear we R announcing a Euro Candidate 4 the North West! Who cn it be!
  • 2:58 PM keithster - we R on the road 2 Mullingar & destiny! I hear we R announcing a Euro Candidate 4 the North West! Who cn it be! (via @keithster [5]) #LP09
  • 3:32 PM labour - @darraghdoyle [6] thanks for good wishes, if you’re not coming along, hope you’ll follow online http://www.labour.ie/conference2009/live/ [7] #LP09
  • 3:32 PM astarmain - is about to hit the road. Conference here we come! Both DSE motions up for debate tonight. Pensions one probably more controversial #lp09
  • 3:34 PM dlooney - On the road to mullingar .. Looking forward most to michael d’s speech@9 [8].45 tonight. #LP09
  • 3:47 PM krayZpaving - Just met @labour [1] new candidate for Ireland North West. Very impressive person. Hope you can all wait until 5! #LP09
  • 4:23 PM keithster - 40 minutes till Labour’s new Euro Candidate for North-west. Who is it #LP09
  • 4:30 PM aoifecarroll - Just heard @labour [1] is launching our NorthWest candidate at 5. Excellent news to start the weekend #LP09
  • 4:54 PM aoifecarroll - On the train with the manics on the ipod…bring it on & let the politics begin! #LP09
  • 5:02 PM keithster - Weather has turned for the worst but spirits are high as the Mayo boys arrive in the midlands #LP09
  • 5:08 PM keithster - Susan O’Keefe the journalist who exposed the Beef scandal is our candidate for the North West Euro seat!
  • 5:09 PM keithster - Susan O’Keefe the journalist who exposed the Beef scandal is our candidate for the North West Euro seat! (via @keithster [5]) #LP09
  • 5:59 PM krayZpaving - Labour selects journalist Susan O’Keefe as its candidate in Ireland Northwest. #LP09.
  • 6:08 PM dlooney - 5 o’clock train from Connolly to mullingar packed with Labour members. Forward socialism! :) #lp09
  • 6:08 PM labour - Labour selects journalist Susan O’Keefe as its candidate in Ireland Northwest. #LP09.
  • 6:50 PM krayZpaving - Live streaming of #LP09 just started – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/labourparty [9]
  • 6:51 PM gomaonaigh - Biggest ever Labour Conference getting underway now. Slight delay as there are so many delegates #LP09
  • 6:54 PM krayZpaving - Mayor of Mullingar Cllr Michael Dollard giving the opening address to #LP09
  • 6:58 PM aoifecarroll - Party chair, Brian O’Shea, welcomes us all to Mullingar, the home of the formidable Willie Penrose #LP09
  • 7:03 PM Suzy Byrne - Labour annouce Susan O’Keefe as candidate for North-West Constituency in European Parliament Elections [10]
  • 7:06 PM ianmcgahon - IreklaIreIIre
  • 7:07 PM krayZpaving - Eamon Gilmore takes to the stage at #LP09
  • 7:08 PM ianmcgahon - aaagh not used to my new mini laptop
  • 7:08 PM christinebohan - Gilmore: 3 big issues of #LP09 are the economic crisis, June elections and internal party stuff.
  • 7:08 PM labour - #LP09 Live stream now going out on the Labour site, Eamon Gilmore now speaking
  • 7:09 PM christinebohan - Gilmore: Now more than ever, Ireland needs a Labour-led government #LP09
  • 7:10 PM ianmcgahon - Irelands most popular leader “Ireland needs a Labour lead government” #LP09
  • 7:11 PM aoifecarroll - Gilmore: Irish politics needs to move beyond conservative civil war parties still fighting over history
  • 7:12 PM labour - Gilmore calls for severing of cosy link ‘tween big money and politics to send a clear msg to all that influence in Ireland is not for sale.
  • 7:12 PM gomaonaigh - Eamon Gilmore TD making Opening conference speech. “Influence in Ireland is not for sale” #LP09
  • 7:12 PM labour - ums too.
  • 7:15 PM labour - And Gilmore announces that Labour Party will shortly publish Bill to clean up corporate governance.
  • 7:17 PM Fergal Crehan - Sen. Alex White hits the “People who work hard and play by the rules” note. FF invented cronyism, they know no other way.
  • 7:17 PM gomaonaigh - Senator Alex White proposes first motion. http://tinyurl.com/cdjvgj [11] #LP09
  • 7:19 PM ianmcgahon - NEC candidates lobbying away #LP09
  • 7:19 PM keithster - We’re in the hall! Just had Eamon Gilmore’s opening address. Now Senator White is speaking for the first motion #LP09
  • 7:19 PM Fergal Crehan - Naas Branch. Their motion in ’07 stirred a vigorous debate, to say the least
  • 7:23 PM Fergal Crehan - Michael D now speaking. List of motions is available here: [12]
  • 7:25 PM gomaonaigh - Michael D Higgins condemns the Government for “sleep-walking” the economy into recession and wasting the boom. http://url.ie/1dl3 [13] #LP09
  • 7:28 PM keithster - Nessa Childers on now. She’s very good, excellent speech! #LP09
  • 7:46 PM aoifecarroll - Vic Duggan: recovery will happen when Cowen loses his job…and he has a career as a male model waiting! #LP09
  • 7:49 PM Fergal Crehan - Willie Penrose responds to the motions
  • 7:51 PM keithster - At Labour Conference where Dave Fallon spoke on the need for a new N5. Very good! (via @keithster [5]) #LP09
  • 8:11 PM krayZpaving - Setting up the election room for tomorrow’s National Executive Committee and Standing Orders Committee elections. #LP09
  • 8:13 PM Simon McGarr - Willie Penrose ought to be sliced up thin, like Lenin’s brain, and sent to all the rural Labour outposts to study how to win and hold a seat outside a city.
  • 8:19 PM Jnisbet - Listening to Eithne Frost speaking very well on a Labour Party Conference Motion! #LP09
  • 8:23 PM astarmain - Pension motion passed. Mary now proposing education forum motion. Apart from the canary yellow jacket job well done :) #lp09
  • 8:25 PM Simon McGarr - I see that Lemass is being appropriated byc the Labour party, akin to Lincon now owned by the Democrats. The party left him.
  • 8:28 PM Simon McGarr - I’m agreeing with everything said about cutting education. But I’m not fired up. Waiting for the fire juggler. Bound to turn up.
  • 8:29 PM Simon McGarr - Maths Teacher Venn Diagram Gag!
  • 8:32 PM Fergal Crehan - Dig at Paul Gogarty’s bet-hedging from speaker on Education.
  • 8:35 PM Jnisbet - Us maths teachers wish that the Government would learn how to do their figures – they need the maths lesson! #LP09
  • 8:39 PM Simon McGarr - I have a pocket full of postcards. I will be handing them out at #lp09 tomorrow with explanation and exhortation.
  • 8:40 PM Simon McGarr - Speaker refuses to yield! Shepard’s Crook brandished off-camera.
  • 8:43 PM eoinbannon - So, Róisín Shorthall says she has started telling people they would be better off on the dole #lp09
  • 8:53 PM yrctweets - wifi in main hall is very patchy for YRC. Confined to the press room til we get it sorted. Debating education motions now #lp09
  • 9:03 PM Jnisbet - Call me biased and derivative but I’m going to borrow from West Wing – “Education is the silver bullet. Education is everything. We don’t need little changes. We need gigantic revolutionary changes. . . . Competition for the best teachers should be fierce.”
  • 9:03 PM Jnisbet - Brendan Ryan has his figures and his ideas right! We should be in charge! #LP09
  • 9:03 PM Jnisbet - Ruairi Quinn and his 5 ways to fix the education system! Excellent and practical – the crowd are behind him too! #LP09
  • 9:06 PM Simon McGarr - Ruairi Quinn a fan of 5 point plans. I seem to remember him having a little card printed up before one of the elections.
  • 9:13 PM yrctweets - Surprisingly, Ruairi Quinn didn’t mention third level fees in his remarks on the education motions #lp09
  • 9:32 PM Simon McGarr - Who’s in Mullingar? What’s the news and excitement outside the hall and around the Hotel? #lp09
  • 9:45 PM yrctweets - @Tupp_Ed [14] Hey Simon, Ciara and me from YRC are in town (press room to be exact). You around? #lp09
  • 9:48 PM ciaralnorton - in mullingar for #lp09 blogging for yellowromancandles.wordpress.com
  • 9:48 PM Jnisbet - How does Michael D. do it, he absorbs information, analyses it and puts it back out with a passion that’s a little scary! #LP09
  • 9:48 PM christinebohan - Gilmore: 3 big issues of #LP09 are the economic crisis, June elections and internal party stuff.
  • 9:48 PM labour - #LP09 Live stream now going out on the Labour site, Eamon Gilmore now speaking
  • 9:48 PM christinebohan - Gilmore: Now more than ever, Ireland needs a Labour-led government #LP09
  • 9:48 PM ianmcgahon - Irelands most popular leader “Ireland needs a Labour lead government” #LP09
  • 9:48 PM ciaralnorton - in mullingar for #lp09 blogging for yellowromancandles.wordpress.com
  • 9:49 PM Simon McGarr - @yrctweets [15] I’m sitting in Dublin, considering a biscuit. But will be around tomorrow. #lp09
  • 10:00 PM dlooney - Superb speech by michael d higgins promoting a real intellectual and political alternative #LP09
  • 10:06 PM ianmcgahon - NEC candidates lobbying away #LP09
  • 10:06 PM gomaonaigh - Michael D Higgins condemns the Government for “sleep-walking” the economy into recession and wasting the boom. http://url.ie/1dl3 [13] #LP09
  • 10:07 PM Fergal Crehan - Michael D finishes his traditional Friday night speech. Conference adjourned until next session, 9am tomorrow morning
  • 10:10 PM Simon McGarr - Didn’t the 21st C. Commission recommend that Michael D be made El Presidente for Life? I’d love a job like that.
  • 8:14 AM krayZpaving - Morning all. Never again, etc. Up bright and early to run the polling stations for internal @labour [1] elections at #LP09
  • 8:14 AM krayZpaving - Bizarrely the placemat at breakfast celebrates the passing of Jim Connell, author of Thr Red Flag, a famous Labour anthem #LP09
  • 8:15 AM Simon McGarr - Singing nursery rhymes and thinking black, black thoughts against Sen. Ronan Mullen as I get going for Mullingar. #lp09
  • 8:25 AM christinebohan - I hate this. My body thinks it should be asleep.
  • 8:53 AM labour - Conference is about to kick off with motions on defence at 9am.
  • 8:56 AM krayZpaving - Polling station set up – until I remembered that Clare is in Ireland North West, not Ireland South. Corrected. Station now ready! #LP09
  • 9:21 AM labour - @MickFealty [16] we do its #LP09
  • 9:25 AM Suzy Byrne - Wakes up and turns on livestream and wonders if its the GAA congress I’m watching…
  • 9:28 AM Suzy Byrne - Mary Upton TD – spokes person on Arts, Culture and Tourism responds to sports and tourism motions. Mentions a famous sportsman called Gerry McLoughlin along side Bernard Dunne and Brian O’Driscoll? Who he?
  • 9:32 AM Suzy Byrne - Labour Conference will dim lights briefly at 7.30pm to mark Earth Hour
  • 9:34 AM Suzy Byrne - Labour Conference Motions [12]
  • 9:38 AM Suzy Byrne - Senator Michael McCarthy responds to debate on motions con Marine. However there was no debate – an amendment was moved to a motion which someone from Mayo Constituency Council didn’t arrive to move and the Senator had to formally move. Ooops….
  • 9:44 AM Suzy Byrne - Home Care Packages under debate.
  • 9:51 AM Suzy Byrne - Motion on Cervical Cancer Vaccine being moved.
  • 9:55 AM Suzy Byrne - Labour Youth announce Young Writers Competition on relevance of Democratic Programme in 21st Century (?) – open to all labour members and supporters up to age of 30.
  • 9:57 AM Suzy Byrne - Fingal County Councillor and breast cancer survivor speaks on motion calling for reduction in age for Breast Cancer screening.
  • 9:59 AM labour - Starting to upload the first of the weekend’s photographs http://www.flickr.com/photos/labourparty/sets/72157616014763928/ [17] #LP09
  • 10:29 AM Suzy Byrne - I diagnose a urgent and virile case of ‘conference underrunningitis’ – a rarity in Irish Political Conferences – there’s now a speaking opportunity for everyone in audience. Brendan Howlin, a former minister for Health, condems scrapping of cervical cancer vaccine and speaks out against PPP hospital deals.
  • 10:33 AM Suzy Byrne - Kathleen Lynch compares Batt O’Keefe to a schoolyard bully over cuts at primary school level – picking on people who are vulnerable.
  • 10:35 AM Suzy Byrne - Kathleen Lynch speaks about self advocacy for people with disabilities – I don’t think I’ve ever heard an irish politician speak on this before..
  • 10:39 AM JL_Pagano - wants to see a Labour Party ready willing and able to awaken the sleeping giant that is the Irish Left. No pressure then! #lp09
  • 10:46 AM Éidín Ní Shé - It would be lovely to see who is in the crowd
  • 10:47 AM MickFealty - we owe it to connelly and we owe it to Larkin… Old school labour!! No pushing youth in front of the cameras like SF and FF… #lp09
  • 10:50 AM aoifecarroll - Joan Burton: unemployment destroying hope all over the country #LP09
  • 10:51 AM ianmcgahon - #LP09 Joan Burton “no genuine commitment from government to tackling unemployment in special budget”
  • 10:51 AM ianmcgahon - #LP09 Joan Burton “no genuine commitment from government to tackling unemployment in special budget”
  • 10:52 AM aoifecarroll - Its all about jobs & investment in human capital says Joan #LP09
  • 10:55 AM labour - Live (televsion) coverage about to start on RTE. Of course we are live streaming the whole conference which you can see at labour.ie #LP09
  • 10:58 AM ianmcgahon - @MickFealty [16] there are quite a few younger candidates who will speak later #LP09
  • 10:58 AM labour - @Éidín Ní Shé the live streaming is from a static camera, tune into RTE 1 to get broader picture of the whole hall,thanks for watching #LP09
  • 10:59 AM labour - Reminiscent of school yards here as someone rings a bell to call candidates into hall for live RTE coverage. #LP09
  • 11:00 AM aoifecarroll - Joan: if you hold an Irish passport you should be proud to pay your fair share #LP09
  • 11:06 AM ianmcgahon - #LP09 ” To FF – for Irelands sake go and go as soon as possible”
  • 11:10 AM aoifecarroll - @ RebeccaMoy: Brian Cowen is a coulda been has been!
  • 11:13 AM Éidín Ní Shé - morning all
  • 11:13 AM Éidín Ní Shé - Tanaiste on MF
  • 11:27 AM aoifecarroll - Arthur Spring (Kerry candidate): We represent all the people of Ireland #LP09
  • 11:29 AM ianmcgahon - #LP09 what is meitheal and why is the latest buzzword in Irish politics?
  • 11:32 AM labour - Watchii
  • 11:33 AM ianmcgahon - #LP09 Cian O Callaghan – FF and FG – parties of the goden circle
  • 11:33 AM Éidín Ní Shé - Meitheal means working together
  • 11:35 AM keithster - Getting ready to give my speech live on RTE One! Sitting in the wings waiting! #LP09
  • 11:35 AM aoifecarroll - Aodhan O’Riordan: We believe people have a right to hope and we will give them that hope #LP09
  • 11:36 AM aoifecarroll - What will we do about the bankers? Jail them shouts a delegate from the floor! #LP09
  • 11:51 AM astarmain - Maria Parodi tells delegates that Government hasn’t upheld it’s end of the bargin with young graduates. #lp09
  • 11:51 AM astarmain - Joan Burton tells FF to go! Economy debate continues #lp09
  • 11:51 AM JNisbet - Well done the Dublin South East Team – Ruairi Quinn talks to the nation and Maria Prodi talks about basics!
  • 11:52 AM justinf - #lp09 might be overshadowed by #g20 bad luck with the timing
  • 11:52 AM Jnisbet - Joan Burton explaining that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed!-I shall tell that to a critic of hers I met last week #LP09
  • 11:55 AM darraghdoyle - #labour really good speeches being made by candidates for local elections. Can their suggestions be followed up with action though?
  • 11:55 AM darraghdoyle - #labour from the back of the room in the labour conference, Mullingar – http://mobypicture.com/?nxkv5o [18]
  • 11:55 AM darraghdoyle - #labour interesting t-shirt caption at the Labour Conference. – http://mobypicture.com/?34g1ox [19]
  • 11:57 AM daraghobrien - watching #lp09 (Irish labour paty conference) on tv and on http://liveblog.ie [20]
  • 11:58 AM daraghobrien - #lp09 George Lawlor speaking now. Focus on costs to SMEs from rent and importance of small biz.
  • 11:58 AM Mark_Coughlan - First Blog Post of the #LP09 www.markcoughlan.com
  • 11:59 AM daraghobrien - @ianmcgahon [21] #lp09 Meitheal described here: http://tinyurl.com/dm6k4d. [22]
  • 11:59 AM labour - @darraghdoyle [6] the hashtag for conference is #LP09, thanks for the live tweeting
  • 12:02 PM Suzy Byrne - Labour candidate blogger Michael McLoughlin speaking now… [23]
  • 12:04 PM aoifecarroll - LGBT t-shirt slogans: ‘I’ve never kissed a blueshirt’ & ‘if gay & lesbian people are given civil rights then everyone will want them’ #LP09
  • 12:04 PM labour - Big cheer for Dublin MEP Proinsias De Rossa from the hall #LP09
  • 12:07 PM astarmain - P De Rossa – our place is at the heart of a progressive, united Europe. #lp09
  • 12:10 PM ianmcgahon - #LP09 deRossa – Ireland needs social justice not social apartheid
  • 12:10 PM labour - Blogging Westport Cllr Keith Martin now addressing the hall #LP09
  • 12:11 PM labour - Heres his blog, and pics following soon http://councillorkeithmartin.blogspot.com [24] #LP09
  • 12:12 PM Suzy Byrne - Blogging and youtubeing Keith Martin @Labour ;)
  • 12:13 PM Jnisbet - Let labour be the light that leads us out of these dark times! – Margaret Lawlor #lp09
  • 12:15 PM aoifecarroll - But not to be confused with Dublin Keith Martin architect of our Ireland East campaign & named checked in the new Phoenix! #LP09
  • 12:19 PM labour - Susan OKeefe, who is seeking candidacy for Ireland North West euro election welcomed on stage. #LP09
  • 12:20 PM ianmcgahon - #LP09 – I may be speaking against the 21st century commission report later
  • 12:21 PM Jnisbet - We will take them on in the hills, the valleys, the towns, the villages and the beaches! – Seamus Rodgers #LP09
  • 12:21 PM keithster - Well speech over. Hope it came across well. Will post it in my website http://www.thingscanonlygetbetter.ie [25]
  • 12:22 PM Mark_Coughlan - Susan O’Keefe welcomed to the stage (not podium) Joan Burton didnt get 1 of them. #lp09
  • 12:22 PM ianmcgahon - @Mark_Coughlan [26] Joan Burton isn’t a brand new candidate
  • 12:22 PM labour - Now Mick Dollard, Mayor of Mullingar, addresses crowd about job losses, including his two sons who have lost their jobs #LP09
  • 12:24 PM darraghdoyle - #labour if you’re going to talk labour… Interview on blog soon – http://mobypicture.com/?zl3xzf [27]
  • 12:25 PM keithster - Well speech over. Hope it came across well. Will post it in my website http://www.thingscanonlygetbetter.ie [25] (via @keithster [5]) #LP09
  • 12:26 PM labour - trust @darraghdoyle [6] to nab the party leader for pic http://www.mobypicture.com/user/darraghdoyle/view/133394 [28] #LP09
  • 12:29 PM Suzy Byrne - ‘It’s like a bunch of rabbits deciding on family planning policy’speaker on rich in society deciding on paycuts for rest.
  • 12:31 PM Suzy Byrne - Dermot Looney another Candidate blogger now proposing motion on nationalisation of all irish banks – [29]
  • 12:32 PM daraghobrien - #LP09 Relying on bankers to set financial policies is like relying on rabbits to manage family planning. My vote for quote of Conference.
  • 12:32 PM aoifecarroll - Dermot Looney proposes Motion 8 – one motion I don’t support
  • 12:32 PM daraghobrien - Again with the SME focus from Labour speakers. This is interesting. Party of the left = party of the entrepreneurs?
  • 12:34 PM ianmcgahon - @Mark_Coughlan [26] I know someone you might get a lift with – Im at very back of conference hall
  • 12:36 PM labour - Rousing round of applause for Tipperary Cllr Denis Landy #LP09
  • 12:37 PM Simon McGarr - Just missed Richard Waghorne getting off the train. He got the nice taxi. #lp09
  • 12:37 PM darraghdoyle - @labour [1] and a good video interview. He was very kind. #lp09
  • 12:39 PM Suzy Byrne - Nessa Childers Labour’s European Candidate for East constituency…asks Brian Cowen to call general election in the national interest….
  • 12:43 PM ianmcgahon - #LP09 I’m sure Dermot Looney didn’t literally mean “fingers in the dyke”
  • 12:45 PM krayZpaving - More than 100 people watching the live streaming of #LP09 at the moment. http://labour.ie [30] – and also live on RTÉ 1 for ten more minutes.
  • 12:45 PM dlooney - #LP09 Proud to have moved motion to nationalise banks at labour conference, the members decide later!
  • 12:46 PM christinebohan - Watching @ianmcgahon [21] get photographed for the Irish Times. He was pretty fierce. Tyra would be impressed.
  • 12:50 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 just filmed great interviews with @rebeccamoy [31] and now Ivana Bacik – http://mobypicture.com/?5k6bzb [32]
  • 12:50 PM Concerned - I note there are few references to the flawed decentralisation policy proposed by the current muppet show. In particular, the move of BIM to Clonakilty has been extremely badly planned as 1. none of the staff will move, 2. the industry is opposed to this move and 3. the €20million spent to date on the new premesis is a blatant mis-use of tax payers money and the new facilities are duplication of existing facilities and strengths already to be found throughout Ireland.
  • 12:53 PM jmwalsh - Labour conference: community, community, community… I keep hearing it but what the hell does that word actually mean?
  • 12:53 PM NInews - Irish Times: Labour calls for budget to focus on job creation: The Labour Party has called on the Go.. http://tinyurl.com/dyqlpo [33]
  • 12:55 PM krayZpaving - @concerned [34] Labour has called for some time for decentralisation to be frozen, and criticised it as a political stunt since the outset #LP09
  • 12:58 PM macsithigh - Wishing good luck to friends (and followers) at #LP09 – (Irish) Labour Party @labour [1] annual conference in Mullingar
  • 12:59 PM aoifecarroll - @jmwalsh Community means working together for everyone and not just the select few with influence
  • 1:00 PM krayZpaving - Labour Conference about to pause for lunch. Workshops on elections & the EU and voting will continue though. #LP09
  • 1:00 PM Mark_Coughlan - SAME COMMENT AT FF, GP AND, AND LP! Classic! #lp09
  • 1:00 PM krayZpaving - Labour Conference about to pause for lunch. Workshops on elections & the EU and voting will continue though. #LP09
  • 1:00 PM eoinbannon - Same Woody Guthrie quote again – Joan Burton #lp09
  • 1:01 PM aoifecarroll - Joan is back: We can get out of this by working together…invokes her late father, John, a former foundry worker
  • 1:02 PM Suzy Byrne -
  • 1:03 PM eoinbannon - “Some rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen” – Woodie Guthrie, Gerry Adams, Dermot Ahern, and now Joan Burton #lp09
  • 1:04 PM aoifecarroll - Good to see all our political leaders are so well read….or at least they have a decent book of quotes!
  • 1:04 PM Éidín Ní Shé - lol Joan is on fire
  • 1:08 PM Suzy Byrne - Motion 8 on nationalisation of banks was asked to be referred back but Dermot Looney for proposers refused – put to a vote and defeated.
  • 1:09 PM Suzy Byrne - Labour Conference Motions [12]
  • 1:09 PM Jnisbet - Joan Burton quotes Woodie Guthrie – Some people rob you with a fountain pen! #LP09
  • 1:17 PM Suzy Byrne - Eamon Gilmore captured at #lp09 by @cloudsteph [35]
  • 1:20 PM Simon McGarr - In the dining room eating salad. Come and say hello. We’re the one’s with the netbook. #lp09
  • 1:24 PM Suzy Byrne - Blogpost – Irishelection.com Gilmore Pledges Junior Minister Cuts as Labour Conference Kicks Off [36]
  • 1:39 PM labour - Thanks to everyone who has been viewing our Ustream, 7,000 in total, more after lunch and thanks to all tweeters #LP09
  • 1:44 PM keithster - Off into Mullingar town for lunch. Rabid debate in car between Billy and Sean and now Dave is kicking off! Voting in NRC after lunch #LP09
  • 1:46 PM keithster - Ah the joys of Quiche and a Coke in Mullingar. We passed Joe Dolan’s statue #Lp09
  • 1:47 PM labour - Watching @darraghdoyle work his way round conference and delegates, looking forward to seeing his videos. #LP09
  • 2:02 PM gavreilly - Would really like there not to be any more Bruce Springsteen on the ustream feed for #lp09.
  • 2:02 PM Simon McGarr - Rejecting the €7 bun. Socialism Fail. #lp09
  • 2:05 PM labour - Party Leader has just cast his vote for NEC and Standing orders next stop Conference hall.
  • 2:06 PM Aidan Ffrench - Bring on the socialist revolution – how about one that will be televised, i.e stage comic activist invasion of Dáil chamber on 7 April with kidnapping of the FF villainuous Taoiseach and his ministers by citizens’ arrest for acts of treason agains the republic: exile them to Africa to do charitable works for Goal, Concern and Trócaire. That would put some humity on them. Oh! and yes, install a Labour-led Government………
  • 2:07 PM Simon McGarr - MiCandidate under discussion. Apparently ‘having a conference call with brussels’ happens when your ask hard questions. #lp09
  • 2:08 PM gavreilly - Continues to wait for #lp09.
  • 2:10 PM faduda - @Tupp_Ed [14] #lp09 im here too, where are you?
  • 2:14 PM labour - Live stream has restarted – apologies for the delay #LP09
  • 2:15 PM labour - Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore opens debate on 21st Century Commission #LP09
  • 2:16 PM astarmain - waiting for the sparks to start flying. Constitutional ammendments debate starts with Gilmore proposing. #lp09
  • 2:17 PM Fergal Crehan - Eamonn Gilmore introduces 21st C report. If Labour is to achieve its potential, it must make some cahnges itss self
  • 2:18 PM aoifecarroll - Voted in the NEC elections & now back in the hall for 21CC report debate. This could be fun #LP09
  • 2:19 PM Suzy Byrne - Party Leader still having problems with his rose it seems …
  • 2:19 PM Fergal Crehan - Not everyone will like all of the recommendations, but it is essential the report be adopted
  • 2:19 PM labstreamer - @gavreilly starting again now in a minute, sorry for the delay (and the Springstein!)
  • 2:19 PM labour - Gilmore says only agenda of 21st C report is to make Labour the leading party in Ireland.
  • 2:20 PM aoifecarroll - Eamon is certainly passionate in supporting 21CC.
  • 2:21 PM aoifecarroll - For the record, I’m voting in favour of the 21CC report and the new Constitution. Though not perfect, I believe that the document presents an excellent opportunity to reform internally to allow us better present ourselves as the party to properly lead the country
  • 2:24 PM Simon McGarr - Looking around the room. Close attention being paid to these speeches. Forget the TV ad, this is the heart of the conference. #lp09
  • 2:26 PM Fergal Crehan - First speaker against 21C. Says it does nothing to make Labour a national, ie, All Ireland, party. Opposes “back room boys” ramming report down throats of party. Democracy and effectiveness are not always compatible
  • 2:26 PM Suzy Byrne - Anne Gallagher – Party Vice Chairperson speaks against the 21st Century Commission Report with vigour.
  • 2:26 PM midnightcourt - Nice to see Brian O’Shea looking so well #lp09
  • 2:27 PM Fergal Crehan - Now a speaker pro. Joanna Tuffy TD. Leadership will probably have heavy hitters lined up to support this
  • 2:27 PM Éidín Ní Shé - Back whats this 21C?
  • 2:28 PM midnightcourt - “Is that the cost of democracy?” Er, yes. #lp09
  • 2:29 PM midnightcourt - ho ho “They wouldn’t take any amendments except the ones they took” #lp09
  • 2:29 PM midnightcourt - oh oh, Ms Tuffy is no bombast #lp09
  • 2:29 PM Fergal Crehan - The Report of the 21st Century Committee on the future of the party, a document advocating reforms of the party
  • 2:29 PM aoifecarroll - Eidin, Its a report that has been compiled to make changes to the internal structure of the party. We are going to be voting on a new constitution which will introduce a new NEC, new candidate selection procedures etc
  • 2:30 PM midnightcourt - #lp09 By the way, Ms Tuffy is a solicitor too. Two solicitors arguing toss. Very diverse.
  • 2:30 PM Fergal Crehan - Figures! Never begin a speech with figures!
  • 2:31 PM gomaonaigh - Gary Honer, Labour Youth National Chairperson speaking against 21CC report #LP09
  • 2:31 PM Suzy Byrne - @aoifecarroll – is the candidate selection proposed going same way as in FF and FG – ie accountant types in lovely suits selected by head office?
  • 2:31 PM Éidín Ní Shé - Ah rite thanks Aoife
  • 2:32 PM aoifecarroll - Suzy, no final decision will be by a selection convention with one member one vote. It is introducing a pre-selection convention interview process which in theory would allow for screening of candidates
  • 2:33 PM Suzy Byrne - Is it only going to be members of the commission speaking in favour of their work?
  • 2:33 PM Simon McGarr - Deaglan De Bradun’s most regular reader Joanna Tuffy giving a more human, less barnstorming speech. #lp09
  • 2:33 PM midnightcourt - Jesus, what is the upper-age limit for Labour Youth? 45?! #lp09
  • 2:33 PM gomaonaigh - Loraine Mulligan, SIPTU Researcher speaking in favour of party reform. “21CC will modernise TU links with Labour into the future #LP09
  • 2:35 PM Squid Limerick - #lp09 joining this late. any speakers from limerick been on yet?
  • 2:35 PM Fergal Crehan - Labour Youth Nat Sec now speaks against 21C
  • 2:35 PM aoifecarroll - Another Labour Youth speaker against, Colm Lawless. He clearly hasn’t actually read the report because he is wrong in what he’s just said
  • 2:37 PM Fergal Crehan - Too many people on the Committee? Or too few? Some contradiction in the “No” arguments
  • 2:37 PM Suzy Byrne - Music for a Party Leader – Suggestions wanted [37]
  • 2:38 PM midnightcourt - Senator Kelly responsible for picturegate FAIL. Pointed out pictures were “tasteless” #lp09 #picturegate
  • 2:38 PM gomaonaigh - @midnightcourt [38] Gary Honer is a young and silver fox of 23. Labour Youth’s upper-age limit is the youngest in the state at 26. #LP09
  • 2:39 PM Fergal Crehan - Suzy, as we’re in the home of Joe Dolan, how about “Gil-More and More”?
  • 2:39 PM gomaonaigh - 21CC will make Labour capable of organising and achieving the gains it is showing in the polls. #LP09
  • 2:39 PM Clarabel - @labour [1] will labour be taking part in earth hour tonight? #lp09
  • 2:40 PM Simon McGarr - Laptops open on the liveblog around me sitting in the corner with the hall wifi. #lp09
  • 2:40 PM Éidín Ní Shé - Alan Kelly first time i have heard him speak -impressed-he needs to work on his profile in the munster region
  • 2:40 PM gomaonaigh - Colm Lawless, Labour Youth National Secretary (17): “Voting NO to 21CC will be a vote against the report. Nnot the Party Leader” #LP09
  • 2:40 PM Fergal Crehan - The Yoof don’t like this one little bit
  • 2:42 PM Squid Limerick - #lp09 as an asside Greens say Fingleton gesture not sufficient statement received from the good senator boyle.
  • 2:42 PM Simon McGarr - Don’t deliver the speech climax reading notes. #lp09
  • 2:42 PM eoinbannon - warm applause for Alan Kelly’s remarks in favour of 21st C #lp09
  • 2:42 PM Fergal Crehan - What objective standards for candidates are being demanded? A height requirement, like the Guards?
  • 2:43 PM aoifecarroll - Daddy is taking the floor!
  • 2:44 PM midnightcourt - Senator Kelly’s highlighting of Union problem plus #picturegate FAIL puts him on interesting rightwing of Labour Party #lp09
  • 2:44 PM gomaonaigh - Pat Carroll. “Trust!” #LP09
  • 2:46 PM aoifecarroll - The leadership belongs to us as members of our party. We must trust them says my dad
  • 2:46 PM Simon McGarr - Room packed. Voice of history reminding delegates of the Militant wars. #lp09
  • 2:46 PM midnightcourt - Has he been seen in conclave with Richard Humphreys? #lp09
  • 2:47 PM gomaonaigh - Brian O’Shea TD, Party Chairperson having to speed up every speaker #LP09
  • 2:47 PM Fergal Crehan - Hands out of your pocket you slovenly boy!
  • 2:48 PM gavreilly - Just lost my #lp09 stream
  • 2:49 PM Suzy Byrne - Stream dropping in and out a bit – but I’m sure they know it!
  • 2:50 PM aoifecarroll - The current No speaker is right, party unity will remain strong and is not dependent on the vote…we should still all vote yes!
  • 2:50 PM gomaonaigh - @gavreilly [39] Stream seems to be working fine for me. Just checked it there #LP09. Derek Nolan, Galway West In favour of 21CC #LP09
  • 2:52 PM Fergal Crehan - The Yes speakers should not all be drawn from the ranks of the committee its self
  • 2:52 PM Suzy Byrne - Each ‘for’ speaker from commission keeps saying same thing – how the commission was put together…and how they were all working together. Like they’ve got notes handed to them.
  • 2:53 PM faduda - working fine for me … touch wood #lp09
  • 2:53 PM dlooney - Contentious but respectful debate on 21st century commission, strong opposition #LP09
  • 2:53 PM gomaonaigh - Mark Langhammer, NI Labour Forum. Against Report. “21CC ignores Good Friday agreement” #LP09
  • 2:53 PM dlooney - Contentious but respectful debate on 21st century commission, strong opposition #LP09
  • 2:53 PM midnightcourt - Agree that it is time to cut the Unions loose. Vested union officials currently stand between Labour and ordinary Union membership. #lp09
  • 2:53 PM Suzy Byrne - First mention of clause 4.
  • 2:54 PM Fergal Crehan - Short sighted really that the Labour Youth people are against. It is the young candidates who seem most likely to benefit from a bit of oversight over the selection process. Buggins Turn a big problem. #lp09
  • 2:54 PM aoifecarroll - Its so not a clause 4 moment.
  • 2:54 PM Éidín Ní Shé - Ah Ivana
  • 2:55 PM gomaonaigh - Ivana Bacik on need to have a more diverse members basis. In favour of 21CC. #LP09
  • 2:55 PM Suzy Byrne - Independent Senator and Labour Party Member Ivana Bacik speaks in favour of the report. Is it because of her personal experiences as a party member and potential candidate?
  • 2:56 PM midnightcourt - I refreshed livestream and it si going again #lp09
  • 2:56 PM eoinbannon - Bacik is right on need for more diverse membership base #lp09
  • 2:56 PM midnightcourt - Look, another lawyer and posho. Hurray! #lp09
  • 2:57 PM Suzy Byrne - Ian McGahon tweeting and blogging candidate speaking against report –
  • 2:58 PM aoifecarroll - Another no speaker who hasn’t read the report. Central Council will have reps from all the sections. Get it right people!
  • 2:58 PM Éidín Ní Shé - Stream is choppy for me
  • 2:59 PM Simon McGarr - NI sorts want it all about them. I blow a raspberry. #lp09
  • 2:59 PM aoifecarroll - For everyones information, as it is a constitutional change the motion needs a 2/3′s majority to pass
  • 2:59 PM midnightcourt - Greatest diversity need in Labour is to appeal to provincial and rural voters #lp09
  • 2:59 PM midnightcourt - comrades? How empty a word is that? #lp09
  • 2:59 PM labour - Apologies for the drops in the live stream, technology eh! #LP09
  • 3:00 PM dlooney - Bray Labour candidate Ian McGahon attacks 21cc report in impassioned speech, citing loss of exec reps for Lab Youth & Equality
  • 3:01 PM krayZpaving - In the hall for the vote on the 21st Century Commission report and new constitution. #LP09
  • 3:01 PM aoifecarroll - Oh no, its a Maire Hoctor moment!
  • 3:02 PM dlooney - Bray Labour candidate Ian McGahon attacks 21CC report citing loss of exec reps for Lab Youth and Equality
  • 3:02 PM eoinbannon - @midnightcourt [38] Agree on need for rural organisation. They need that if want to tranlate poll ratings into Dáil seats #lp09
  • 3:02 PM krayZpaving - In the hall for the vote on the 21st Century Commission report and new constitution. #LP09
  • 3:02 PM aoifecarroll - Oh my god, OSC already has power to deselect candidates. This isn’t new!
  • 3:02 PM eoinbannon - Prop speakers quite happy to style this motion as declaration of support for Gilmore #lp09
  • 3:03 PM dlooney - Rory Geraghty lashes 3 person selection committee proposed in 21cc report, saying absolute power corrupts absolutely #LP09
  • 3:04 PM aoifecarroll - Oh Richard, is such a lawyer!
  • 3:05 PM Suzy Byrne - Candidate for Stillorgan and blogger Richard Humphreys [40] speaks in favour
  • 3:05 PM gomaonaigh - Emmet Stagg TD. “Vote for Change” “Support Eamon Gilmore TD” Vote Yes to 21CC. How timed have changed #LP09
  • 3:05 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 had a lovely dinner and chat with the extremely proficient @cloudsteph [41]. Back into it now.
  • 3:05 PM midnightcourt - TWITTER?! What is that? #lp09
  • 3:05 PM faduda - Sangidge in bar #LP09
  • 3:06 PM aoifecarroll - Richard is right, failure to pass the motion will be measured in lost seats and lost opportunities
  • 3:07 PM Simon McGarr - He has decided to accept that the anti side have good arguments, but wants a yes vote because the leader says so. #lp09
  • 3:07 PM midnightcourt - Nice tie Richard. NOT! #lp09 I will not vote for that neckwear.
  • 3:07 PM midnightcourt - Crazy Labour Kidz with their Twitter and Interwebs. Yess!! R. “Crazy like a Fox” Humphries BL. Another lawyer and posho #lp09
  • 3:08 PM midnightcourt - “I want to overthrow capitalism” YOu’re in the wrong party dude. #lp09
  • 3:08 PM gomaonaigh - NILF delegate. “We’re not nationalist or unionist. We’re Socialist”
  • 3:09 PM keithster - Voted in NEC elections and are in the hall for the 21st Century Commission debate. It’s hot and heavy already! #LP09
  • 3:10 PM gomaonaigh - Northern Ireland Labour Forum delegate: “We’re not Nationalist or Unionist, Labour is Socialist(i.e. Other in electoral designation)” #LP09
  • 3:10 PM Simon McGarr - Standing room only now in the hall. Speaker’s fears of what public thinks overplayed. Nobody cares. #lp09
  • 3:12 PM Suzy Byrne - Mention of market research brings me very Painful memories of Pat Rabitte and his advisors and focus groups…
  • 3:12 PM Simon McGarr - Speeches will continue. I’m going walkabout. #lp09
  • 3:12 PM aoifecarroll - @Suzy, I hear you!
  • 3:13 PM dlooney - A number of NI delegates opposing 21CC report for its position on building Labour in the North #LP09
  • 3:13 PM aoifecarroll - Roger Cole is the first non-Labour Youth/NILF member to speak against the motion
  • 3:13 PM midnightcourt - Dun Laoghaire branch not in vanguard of fight against capitalism #lp09
  • 3:13 PM keithster - Dermot Lacey has his finger poised over the two minute button for the speakers.
  • 3:13 PM dlooney - A number of NI delegates opposing 21CC report for its position on building Labour in the North #LP09
  • 3:14 PM keithster - Dermot Lacey has his finger poised over the two minute button for the speakers. (via @keithster [5]) #LP09
  • 3:15 PM gomaonaigh - Roger Cole spoke strongly against the 21CC + new constitution #LP09
  • 3:15 PM Fergal Crehan - Some discussion on whether motion requires a 2/3 majority. Anyone?
  • 3:16 PM Suzy Byrne - Another commission member speaking in favour from Dublin South East.
  • 3:16 PM midnightcourt - Anti 21CC speeches echoing 10CC’s “I’m Not in Love” #lp09
  • 3:16 PM Jnisbet - Supporting the 21st Century Commission! In hall and ready to vote yes! Bring the positivity! #LP09
  • 3:17 PM gomaonaigh - Aidan O’Sullivan: “21CC improves TU links and moves us toward the Nordic Model” #LP09
  • 3:17 PM keithster - Some passionate speakers on both sides! Which way to vote! Ah democracy in action!
  • 3:17 PM keithster - Some passionate speakers on both sides! Which way to vote! Ah democracy in action! (via @keithster [5]) #Lp09
  • 3:17 PM aoifecarroll - Just to clear something up, not all pro speakers have been members of the Commisson though the majority were members
  • 3:17 PM keithster - Some passionate speakers on both sides! Which way to vote! Ah democracy in action! (via @keithster [5]) #Lp09
  • 3:17 PM gomaonaigh - Aidan O’Sullivan: “21CC improves TU links and moves us toward the Nordic Model” #LP09
  • 3:18 PM gomaonaigh - Mark Khan, Former Mayor of Lismore speaking against 21CC. “Focus should be on elections and candidates, not the report” #LP09
  • 3:19 PM dlooney - Aidan O Sullivan from Dub SE strongly supportive of 21CC report, Cork-based Mark Khan now speaking against. 2/3 majority req’d, may be close
  • 3:19 PM dlooney - #LP09
  • 3:20 PM aoifecarroll - There seems to be some confusion in the hall over the 2/3 requirement
  • 3:20 PM Fergal Crehan - Speakers all wasting their opening remarks and ending up having to rush the end. Current speaker has spent all of 30 seconds on his actual objections
  • 3:21 PM gomaonaigh - Senator Alex White and Dublin South candidate speaking in favour of 21CC. “Democracy is central to what Labour is about” #LP09
  • 3:21 PM Fergal Crehan - Alex White takes “politburo” language on as paranoid.
  • 3:21 PM midnightcourt - Right. Enuff socialism for me. Off out for oysters #lp09
  • 3:22 PM aoifecarroll - Alex White: Comments that report will lead to party being led by a ‘politburo’ is paranoia. Excellent stuff! Dealing with some of the more silly ‘no’ arguments
  • 3:22 PM dlooney - Alex White accuses opponents of ‘paranoia’ #LP09
  • 3:22 PM gomaonaigh - Abstentions aren’t including in counting of 2/3 majority. Only Yes/No #LP09
  • 3:22 PM aoifecarroll - Alex is right, we all want excellent candidates!
  • 3:23 PM dlooney - Alex White accuses opponents of ‘paranoia’ #LP09
  • 3:24 PM gomaonaigh - Debate getting repetitive. Not nearly as exciting as I’d expected… Alex is right. There are 1 or 2 issues with the 21CC for all. #LP09
  • 3:25 PM gomaonaigh - Cllr Brian Collins from Kells against Michael D becoming Party King. #LP09
  • 3:26 PM midnightcourt - Generally preaching to people they need to “get real” is unpersuasive. The converted love it of course #lp09
  • 3:27 PM gomaonaigh - Brian Collins in favour of Troika for the party, as long he is on it! #LP09
  • 3:29 PM aoifecarroll - Just read the current party constitution. Think was wrong earlier. Seems like a simple majority is all that is required to pass the motion
  • 3:30 PM aoifecarroll - @gomaonaigh [42] just read the current constitution. I think only a simple majority is required to pass
  • 3:30 PM Fergal Crehan - Yes speakers are all a good deal more coherent. Also more practiced of course
  • 3:30 PM gomaonaigh - @aoifecarroll [43] Richard Humphreys thinks otherwise. Hummm. Could get interesting if its close #LP09
  • 3:32 PM gomaonaigh - Here comes Paul Dillon. Lots of smiles. Excellent speaker. On the mark on the NO points. #LP09
  • 3:33 PM keithster - Paul Dillon giving it welly! I think he’s going to vote NO! Good man Paul #LP09
  • 3:33 PM gomaonaigh - Here comes Paul Dillon. Lots of smiles. Excellent speaker. On the mark on the NO points. #LP09
  • 3:33 PM barratree - #LP09 Labour down 5 in red C poll
  • 3:33 PM Simon McGarr - standing orders committee in furious confab. I’m hoping for ace row over rule arcana. #lp09
  • 3:33 PM aoifecarroll - Paul Dillon has probably been the most coherent speaker on the No side
  • 3:33 PM astarmain - Debate drawing to a close. It ran out of steam about 20 minutes ago. #lp09
  • 3:34 PM Éidín Ní Shé - Paul Dillon impressive
  • 3:34 PM keithster - I think they are stabbing the two minute button #Lp09
  • 3:34 PM Éidín Ní Shé - Jesus Willie stop banging the podium
  • 3:34 PM keithster - I think they are stabbing the two minute button #Lp09
  • 3:34 PM Fergal Crehan - Willie Penrose barnstorming. There was a notable excitement in the room when he took the stage
  • 3:35 PM gomaonaigh - Paul Dillon: “We are all leaders” Best speaker on the no side so far #LP09. Willie Penrose speaking in favour of 21CC
  • 3:35 PM dlooney - Paul Dillon gains huge vocal support from floor for opposition side. #LP09 floor
  • 3:36 PM Simon McGarr - Question seems to arise over 2/3 or 1/2 vote required. #lp09
  • 3:36 PM Éidín Ní Shé - LOL Theoretical Nonsense
  • 3:36 PM astarmain - Paul Dillion vs Willie Penrose. All of a sudden the debate picks up! #lp09
  • 3:36 PM keithster - Willie Pemrose is barnstorming! I’d say he’s a YES voter! #LP09
  • 3:36 PM midnightcourt - The kid stays in the picture! #lp09 Great speaker.
  • 3:36 PM aoifecarroll - I’m with Mrs. Penrose!
  • 3:37 PM gomaonaigh - Willie’s granny would vote Yes! #LP09
  • 3:37 PM aoifecarroll - Here comes my constituency colleague!
  • 3:38 PM gomaonaigh - Battery is about to die. Going to shut down for now. #LP09 Patrick Nulty, Mulhuddard Candidate speaking against
  • 3:38 PM gavreilly - Maurice Hickey speaking at #lp09?
  • 3:38 PM Jnisbet - If my grandmother was alive today – classic lines from Penrose, the quality of speeches is on the rise – Mr. Dillon too! #LP09
  • 3:38 PM midnightcourt - Willie’s grandmother not here to defend herself. #lp09
  • 3:38 PM krayZpaving - Barnstorming speech from Willie Penrose has the delegates cheering in favour of the 21st Century Commission report #LP09
  • 3:39 PM Suzy Byrne - Patrick Nulty argues against Stepford Candidates (My title for interview process…had to get it in!)
  • 3:41 PM Fergal Crehan - P De R speaks in favour. Lightens the mood a little, strikes a reasonable note, jokes about his experience in watching parties die
  • 3:41 PM Simon McGarr - Fortunatly, Conor Power BL on hand to work through rule arcana. Labour never short a lawyer. #lp09
  • 3:41 PM gomaonaigh - Battery is about to die. Going to shut down for now. #LP09 Patrick Nulty, Mulhuddard Candidate speaking against
  • 3:42 PM dlooney - Willie Penrose’s tubthumping speech most bizarre moment of #LP09
  • 3:43 PM Fergal Crehan - No more against speakers….a round of applause goes up.
  • 3:44 PM keithster - Now class act DeRossa wins over the undecided 2 the YES side. “Politics is about change” ‘Give Eamon Gilmore the mandate he needs” #LP09
  • 3:44 PM aoifecarroll - No more ‘no’ speakers. Think the vote will be soon. RQ giving a very honest speech
  • 3:44 PM Jnisbet - Ruairi – cool calm collected commentary – Well in the Dublin South East #LP09
  • 3:44 PM squidlimerick - #lp09 @labour [1] any chance we can get the schedule and motion links at the top of labour.ie to open in new window so as not to inturupt stream
  • 3:44 PM Simon McGarr - In the press room now. Silence, but for the keys clicking.
  • 3:45 PM dlooney - Debate wrapping up on 21CC with Ruairi Quinn. Vote coming up soon enough, my prediction is that it’ll pass by the 2/3 – but only just
  • 3:45 PM keithster - Now class act DeRossa wins over the undecided 2 the YES side. “Politics is about change” ‘Give Eamon Gilmore the mandate he needs” #LP09
  • 3:45 PM Éidín Ní Shé - Gilmore up
  • 3:46 PM keithster - Ruairi Quinn now speaking 4 Adoption of the report. Quiet & reasonable. No more speakers against motion so I think it’s in the bag #LP09
  • 3:46 PM Simon McGarr - Press room react to Ruari Quinn writing their headline for them. sound pleased.
  • 3:46 PM Fergal Crehan - Eamonn Gilmore to respond to the debate. By the feel of the mood in the room, I’d say it will pass. The No speeches very often were more heat than light
  • 3:47 PM keithster - Eamon Gilmore now on to finish debate! #LP09
  • 3:47 PM labour - More pics uploading as we tweet to Flickr, including a blogger or two http://www.flickr.com/photos/labourparty/sets/ [44] #LP09
  • 3:48 PM keithster - Eamon Gilmore says if we don’t change we won’t get into Government. #lp09
  • 3:48 PM krayZpaving - Eamon Gilmore summing up. Vote in a minute. Two thirds majority required to pass. #LP09
  • 3:48 PM Simon McGarr - I should say that the opposition to this report is mind bogglingly misguided. 21C Commission basically suggests Labour join the 21st Century.
  • 3:50 PM keithster - Eamon Gilmore is calming and reasonably dealing with concerns on reform. Is there a two thirds majority to pass the motion?
  • 3:51 PM keithster - Eamon Gilmore is calming and reasonably dealing with concerns on reform. Is there a two thirds majority to pass the motion? #LP09
  • 3:51 PM Simon McGarr - Press room too isolated from the hall to take the measure of the room. In fairness, R. Waghorne is at least physically in the room.
  • 3:51 PM Fergal Crehan - Everyone knows Labour has a succession problem, and this needs to be fixed.
  • 3:52 PM Fergal Crehan - Overwhelmingly carried
  • 3:53 PM keithster - Eamon Gilmore this reform is not about the present. This is about the future of … Read More: http://is.gd/ppyq [45]
  • 3:53 PM faduda - aiui standing orders ctte says only straight majority needed #lp09
  • 3:53 PM Jnisbet - The leader argues best for the 21st Century Commission! #LP09
  • 3:53 PM krayZpaving - Motion passes 90/10 majority.
  • 3:53 PM aoifecarroll - Overwhelmingly in favour. Very small minority voted no
  • 3:55 PM keithster - Reform commission Over whelmingly passed! Party Democracy in action. Some relief on the top bench! #LP09
  • 3:56 PM midnightcourt - Gilmore’s speech was excellent. Perhaps the best I’ve seen from him. Practical, intelligent, frank and respectful #lp09
  • 3:58 PM gavreilly - Red C/SBP poll tomorrow: FG 31 (+1); FF 28 (+5); Lab 17 (-5); SF 7 (-4); Green 7 (+1); Others 10 (+2). #lp09
  • 3:59 PM Squid Limerick - speaker drops in a picturegate swipe #lp09
  • 4:00 PM keithster - Jed Nash gets stuck into The Mullingar Accord! #LP09
  • 4:31 PM labour - #LP09 Live stream going offline now – will be back up at 7:15pm – thanks for watching
  • 4:35 PM JL_Pagano - @MickFealty [16] surely there’s no chance of that poll reflecting any change in public opinion post #LP09?
  • 4:35 PM squidlimerick - #lp09 Motion 61 proposed by Kilfinnane Brance has been carried.
  • 4:35 PM gavreilly - Ah, there’s @horganjonesjane [46] and @izzy_o [47] speaking at #lp09.
  • 5:00 PM Mark_Coughlan - Second Post of #Lp09 [48]
  • 5:00 PM ciaralnorton - more from #lp09 @ http://tinyurl.com/ckz2dd [49]
  • 5:00 PM yrctweets - more blog posts: polls and 21st Century commission @ #lp09 in mullingar http://tinyurl.com/ckz2dd [49]
  • 5:02 PM keithster - Conference adjorned. Am in a workshop. #LP09
  • 5:27 PM Éidín Ní Shé - Anyone at the Equality workshop?
  • 6:19 PM Simon McGarr - In the bar, with weary feet. There’s a lot of heel kicking until the leader’s speech. If you’re working on an election, come say hi. #lp09
  • 6:20 PM Simon McGarr - We’re the guys with the little computer open at a table right in front of the bar.
  • 7:01 PM krayZpaving - Getting the hall set up for Eamon Gilmore’s big speech tonight. #LP09
  • 7:10 PM FitzStephen - At the Labour Conference I talked in favor of a policy, ‘A clean break from business as usual’, it outlines our 8 principles for bank reform
  • 7:24 PM keithster - Here in the hall for Eamon Gilmore’s speech to conference. He will outline the Beart Nua (New Deal) for Ireland at 8.30pm #LP09
  • 7:25 PM Squid Limerick - Whose the Bruse Springstein fan #lp09
  • 7:25 PM labour - Live stream of Labour Conference is back online #LP09
  • 7:26 PM Alexia Golez - Oh.. an air hostess moment!
  • 7:27 PM dlooney - Evening session open. Lifetime service awards to reward senior members begins the night #LP09
  • 7:28 PM aoifecarroll - Back in the conference hall. Deputy leader to present long service awards before Leaders speech
  • 7:49 PM dlooney - SDLP’s Alban McGuinness addressing #LP09
  • 7:53 PM Squid Limerick - Jack O’Connor from SIPTUaddresing the conference after he is presented with a framed photograph
  • 7:54 PM Squid Limerick - Makes “blueshirt joke.
  • 7:54 PM dlooney - Hearing rumours that Ireland are one up at #LP09
  • 7:58 PM dlooney - Martiz Schulz – “You can count on us, the European socialists, as we can count on you, the Irish socialists” at #LP09
  • 7:59 PM krayZpaving - Martin Schulz, leader of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, is addressing Labour delegates at #LP09
  • 8:00 PM Fergal - Off inside now in advance of leader’s address #lpo9
  • 8:01 PM aoifecarroll - Martin Schultz tells delegates that a social Europe is the future #LP09
  • 8:07 PM labour - Hall goes oooohhhhhhh as lights dimmed for earth hour #LP09
  • 8:07 PM Squid Limerick - jaysus, that was the fastest hour . how time flies when you is having fun
  • 8:08 PM dlooney - Lights dimmed at #LP09 to great hilarity. Members on good cheer with news from Croke Pk. EG expected in 20 mins
  • 8:13 PM Fergal Crehan - Introducing the line-up for the Euros, including Susan O’Keeffe, just announced yesterday as North-West candidate
  • 8:15 PM Fergal Crehan - A film introducing Eamonn Gilmore
  • 8:16 PM Fergal Crehan - Gilmore at work in a clinic. Music redolent of the Obama film before his nomination speech
  • 8:17 PM dlooney - Shocked to have appeared in a video for eamon gilmore at #LP09
  • 8:23 PM Fergal Crehan - “Is feidir linn!”
  • 8:24 PM aoifecarroll - Here we go…! #LP09
  • 8:24 PM Fergal - Gilmore uses the phrase “‘fess up”. I am greatly pleased by this for some reason #lp09
  • 8:26 PM krayZpaving - Eamon Gilmore waiting in the wings for his big speech as Alan Kelly introduces him. #LP09 Me guarding the door to the wings!
  • 8:27 PM Fergal Crehan - The only portrait of Eamonn you’ll ever see will be hanging in the Taoiseach’s corridor in Leinster House
  • 8:29 PM Fergal Crehan - No Labour representative was ever investigated by a tribunal
  • 8:30 PM dlooney - Alan Kelly introduces Eamon Gilmore as the next Taoiseach #LP09
  • 8:30 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 Alan Kelly assures us that only portrait we’d see of Gilmore is of him as Taoiseach in Leinster House. No #picturegate for him?
  • 8:31 PM Fergal Crehan - Eamonn Gilmore takes the stage
  • 8:32 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 Alan Kelly is a great speaker. Talking up Gilmore of course but doing it in a fairly decent, but passionate way.
  • 8:34 PM krayZpaving - Gilmore – great thing about being Leader is you can watch the first half of the match! #LP09
  • 8:34 PM labour - Gilmore describes recession as not just a political or an economic event but a horrible human experience.
  • 8:35 PM Fergal Crehan - This is the first great global crisis of global capitalism
  • 8:36 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 Gilmore is good at talking about human side and experience. He brings it to that level and keeps it there. Good speaker. Good speech.
  • 8:37 PM astarmain - will not be defeated by the greed of the few. #lp09
  • 8:38 PM labour - We Irish are resilient & creative & will not be defeated by the mistakes of the past or the greed of the few – Leader
  • 8:39 PM Mark_Coughlan - Gilmore gets down and passionate with green and employment issues and the future of the nation #lp09
  • 8:39 PM Fergal Crehan - No rescue for the cabal of cowboys and charlatans who got us into this mess
  • 8:40 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 I find myself nodding along to what Gilmore is saying, almost despite myself. Lot of obvious respect and admiration for him in room.
  • 8:41 PM krayZpaving - Gilmore – no rescue for the cabal of cowboys that got us into this situation. #LP09
  • 8:41 PM astarmain - no bailout for the cabal of cowboys and charlatans. #lp09
  • 8:41 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 why vote Labour? One four letter word says Gilmore. Jobs.
  • 8:41 PM Fergal - #lp09 Gilmore finds a smart way to sell stimulus – it’s all about jobs
  • 8:43 PM MickFealty - ‘jobs is the difference between labour and people who got us here…’ the tax and spending decisions will be difficult #lp09
  • 8:44 PM Fergal Crehan - Education and training should be invested in now more than even
  • 8:45 PM Fergal Crehan - An 18 month cut in Employer’s PRSI when a new job is created
  • 8:45 PM astarmain - time to launch a skills revolution! #lp09
  • 8:45 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 we must fight harder to keep the jobs we have says EG. The greatest false economy is to pay people to do nothing.
  • 8:46 PM Fergal Crehan - Te govt are now on their fourth attempt to fix the public finances
  • 8:46 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 why vote Labour? One four letter word says Gilmore. Jobs.
  • 8:46 PM MickFealty - ‘jobs is the difference between labour and people who got us here…’ the tax and spending decisions will be difficult #lp09
  • 8:46 PM astarmain - time to launch a skills revolution! #lp09
  • 8:46 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 we must fight harder to keep the jobs we have says EG. The greatest false economy is to pay people to do nothing.
  • 8:48 PM Fergal Crehan - If working people have to pay tax, then everyone must pay
  • 8:49 PM Mark_Coughlan - Id love to get involved in a graduate work placement scheme! #lp09
  • 8:49 PM Fergal Crehan - Now is not the time for education cuts
  • 8:50 PM Fergal Crehan - Universal access to third level would be kept by Labour
  • 8:50 PM MickFealty - we need budget that is part of a three year plan. doing it one year likely 2 kill the patient.. taxes must rise new tax rate 4 rich #lp09
  • 8:50 PM astarmain - keep universal access to 3rd level education. Gilmore plays a blinder! #lp09
  • 8:50 PM Mark_Coughlan - “No one who makes an honest effort to pay mortgage to lose home. Reverse education cuts. 3rd fees not come back”. Easy thing to say… #lp09
  • 8:50 PM Fergal Crehan - It’s time to say “Never Again”
  • 8:52 PM MickFealty - Hitting the applause one after the otehr.. cervical vaccines got one… FF nutured crony capitalism #lp09
  • 8:53 PM Fergal Crehan - If we are all in this together – and we are – there cannot be a parting of the ways as the hospital doors”
  • 8:53 PM MickFealty - Good speech, but very short on new practical ideas… reserved enclosures are 4 racecourses, not hospitals #lp09
  • 8:54 PM Squid Limerick - This recession is not just an irish problem, i is a european and indeed a global problem – gillmore lp09
  • 8:54 PM MickFealty - Record of integrity in local government… re run of Gormley’s line… #lp09
  • 8:55 PM Squid Limerick - Gillmore bigs up the eur candidates . #lp09
  • 8:56 PM astarmain - Gilmore backs Lisbon treaty again. #lp09
  • 8:56 PM Squid Limerick - anyway, wheres the conference next year
  • 8:56 PM Fergal Crehan - crowd to their feet for the big finish “one Ireland – this is the time for Labour”
  • 8:57 PM Squid Limerick - Did the RTE presenter say the conference was in Waterford?
  • 8:57 PM MickFealty - Reforms in the EU are necessary… welcomes susan o’keefe and namechecks Alban Maguinness #lp09 Thi
  • 8:58 PM dl37 - @labour [1] Fantastic speech from Gilmore – Hopefully it will pull in some of the floating voters out there #lp09
  • 9:02 PM MickFealty - Promises a budget statement next week. Good solid speech, esp asking for a three year budgetary frame. FF made 4 adjustments this year #lp09
  • 9:02 PM CyMolo - #lp09 what is EG’s take on latest opinon polls?
  • 9:06 PM Suzy Byrne - Again David Davin Power is not surrounded by party members on Nine O’Clock News #lp09
  • 9:08 PM yrctweets - in comparison with last year’s speech Gilmore has little new to offer and what was new was vague #lp09
  • 9:08 PM damienmulley - @suzybie [50] I hope Labour Kids do what The Green CaptainPlanetKids did with David Davin Power and do a re-enactment #lp09
  • 9:10 PM the_irish_times - Labour to propose third tax rate for high earners http://tinyurl.com/dlffqk [51]
  • 9:10 PM labour - Live stream will be back on at 10am on Sunday morning #LP09
  • 9:15 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 speech over. Ovation loud. – http://mobypicture.com/?vkdx7j [52]
  • 9:38 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 at post-speech drinks. Gilmore drinking red wine, Ruairi on Heino. Michael D trying goujon things.
  • 9:40 PM CllrJoeRyan - OG OMG!
  • 9:41 PM keithster - Eamon Gilmore is to take the stage now #lp09
  • 9:43 PM keithster - Well it was a great speech and we’re all finished for tonight. More in the morning!
  • 9:52 PM darraghdoyle - #lp09 Joan Burton’s on white, @stretchneil [53] is surrounded by people looking for numbers.
  • 10:03 PM yrctweets - verdicts on gilmore’s speech @ www.yellowromancandles.wordpress.com #lp09
  • 9:05 AM gomaonaigh - The Banjos are out and the guitars too. Singing in the air. Labour is partying hard into the wee hours. #LP09
  • 9:05 AM krayZpaving - Willie Penrose dancing is a sight to behold, I can assure you. Gilmore has some moves though! #LP09
  • 9:05 AM krayZpaving - Eamon Gilmore, Joan Burton and Willie Penrose all on the dancefloor at #LP09 & joined by @stretchneil [53] and @aoifecarroll [43]
  • 9:14 AM Suzy Byrne - Assume there are a few sore heads (and tired legs from all the dancing) in Mullingar this morning
  • 9:52 AM CllrJoeRyan - Any news in NEC elections? am home and had no update
  • 9:58 AM CllrJoeRyan - Can we get a camera angle to pan the delegates? live streaming is fab
  • 10:01 AM labour - @CllrJoeRyan [54] – we have no camera view of the crowd – sorry. Will post any election updates on the Conference election page.
  • 10:14 AM dlooney - Transport motions at #LP09 – I’ve just moved motion 43 on Dublin Bus. Tired faces abound!
  • 10:14 AM krayZpaving - Labour Conference back up and running this morning. Currently discussing transport issues. #LP09 labour.ie [30]
  • 10:22 AM Suzy Byrne - Tommy Broughan is surprisingly awake this morning. Well he`s waking me up through my earphones…
  • 10:23 AM dlooney - Speech of the morning from tommy broughan td – speaking passionately for state run facility at sr technics
  • 10:24 AM dlooney - #LP09
  • 10:25 AM labour - Brendan Howlin to propose motion 68 on civil unions
  • 10:26 AM Suzy Byrne - Brendan Howlin speaking on Motion 68 on Civil Unions.
  • 10:26 AM labour - Brendan Howlin to propose motion 68 on civil unions (sorry forgot hashtag) #LP09
  • 10:26 AM lostexpectation - very little reaction from ruari quinn’s second demand to take the schools under state control #LP09
  • 10:29 AM ianmcgahon - #LP09 Brendan Howlin calling for referendum on same sex marriage
  • 10:30 AM labour - Remember you can watch the conference live at www.labour.ie [55] #LP09
  • 11:03 AM labour - NEC election results at www.labour.ie [56] #LP09
  • 11:27 AM dlooney - Pat Rabbitte surprisingly endorses NUI Galway motion on licensing hours, #LP09
  • 11:33 AM ianmcgahon - #LP09 I will be proposing a motion on a national fire authority
  • 11:34 AM ianmcgahon - #LP09 in about 10 minutes
  • 11:41 AM labour - Dublin Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr Emer Costello, talking about the devastation caused by the collapse of PPPs in affected communities #LP09
  • 11:43 AM labour - The Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) was to regenerate housing for St Michael’s Estate, O’Devaney Gdns, Cork Villas, etc #LP09
  • 11:45 AM labour - Labour must put communities before profit, says one delegate #LP09
  • 11:47 AM labour - Richard Humphreys, (www.richardhumphreys.blogspot.com) candidate for Stillorgan, talking about local democracy #LP09
  • 11:48 AM labour - ‘Words are cheap, if they want action from the Government they won’t get it’, Humphreys says – #LP09
  • 11:57 AM dlooney - @ianmcgahon [21] scribbling furiously at #LP09
  • 11:58 AM labour - Labour Leader introduces video on Labour’s achievements #LP09
  • 12:00 PM christinebohan - This is unexpected. Break in proceedings at #LP09. Gilmore is introducing a video about Labour’s achievements.
  • 12:08 PM Suzy Byrne - word reaches me that I’m in Mullingar…sort of :) I missed it!
  • 12:14 PM christinebohan - Good reaction to the video. Entire room laughs at old clip of Gilmore in the Dail and cheers Niamh Breathnach abolishing fees. #LP09
  • 12:18 PM aoifecarroll - Conference ends with the news that the Govt have called a press conference for 3pm. Wonder what thats all about? #LP09
  • 12:19 PM krayZpaving - Government has called a press conference for 3pm. Banks news? #LP09
  • 12:26 PM AllanCavanagh - @krayZpaving [57] that’ll be the public execution of Conor Casby then #LP09
  • 12:28 PM ianmcgahon - #LP09 and so conference ends – Michael D rocks – I’m delighted that he is now president for life
  • 12:30 PM labour - Dermot Looney finishes up conference with a rendition of Red Flag #LP09
  • 12:31 PM ianmcgahon - #LP09 Brian O Shea – challenges us to go out and win seats
  • 12:31 PM labour - Thanks to everyone for all your tweets, its been a great conference – Labour’s going forward, now we’re going home, thanks Mullingar #LP09
  • 12:33 PM labour - On a final note, we will still be updating our Flickr, and conference website with the last of posts, pics and videos, thanks again #LP09
  • 12:36 PM ianmcgahon - #LP09 rousing rendition @dermotlooney [58] – lets keep the red flag flying here
  • 12:38 PM stretchneil - RT @aoifecarroll [43] Conference ends with the news that the Govt have called a press conference for 3pm. Wonder what thats all about? #LP09
  • 12:39 PM stretchneil - @labour [1] apologies for my lack of tweeting this weekend – delighted to see many others took up the challenge #LP09
  • 12:39 PM Suzy Byrne - Thanks for everyones liveblogging and tweeting – keep an eye to irishblogs.ie for candidate blogs on conference and also posts from bloggers embedded at conference – eg. videos from darraghdoyle.blogspot.com which will be going up in next few days.
  • 12:40 PM dlooney - Proud to have closed the conference with the singing of the Red Flag #LP09
  • 1:12 PM labour - And a final finally a BIG thanks to Simon for Scribble Live, brilliant way to cover conf, and we’re delighted to be part of it. #LP09
  • 1:13 PM labour - And the final thanks go to the Scribble Live moderators for all their hard work over the weekend. #LP09
  • 1:58 PM labour - Scribble living (it up) during party conference as Michael D speaks in the hall #LP09
  • 2:11 PM christinebohan - Any word on the government press conference yet? I’m agog.
  • 2:28 PM christinebohan - @Mark_Coughlan [26] @thomasbrunkard [59] Tell me if you hear anything. I’ve no laptop here so totally out of the loop. God bless dodgy WAP connection
  • 2:31 PM christinebohan - @Mark_Coughlan [26] A few of the media folk mentioned it a couple of hours ago as they were leaving the Labour conference
  • 2:32 PM stretchneil - Still waiting on news of this government press conference. Is anything happening?!
  • 2:51 PM christinebohan - @Mark_Coughlan [26] Yep, twittered it a bit but phone died yesterday which put a stop to that. I should have said hey, saw you were down too
  • 3:02 PM krayZpaving - Nothing on any radio news about the Gov’t press conference that was supposed to be on an hour ago. #LP09
  • 3:04 PM stretchneil - Slowly losing my mind waiting on news from the Government #LP09
  • 3:05 PM aoifecarroll - Right,thats Mullingar done for 09. Hitting the road with @stretchneil [53] & @krayZpaving [57]. Still no news from alleged govt press conference #LP09
  • 3:30 PM gomaonaigh - Finding my feet again after leaving the Mullingar conference. Getting a good reaction to Gilmore’s speech from locals #LP09
  • 3:42 PM keithster - I spoke this morning on an Anti-social behaviour. Well received #lp09
  • 3:47 PM keithster - Will be posting my conference motions, speeches, videos and opinions on my site www.thingscanonlygetbetter.ie #LP09
  • 3:50 PM keithster - Thanks to all the organisers, Cathy, Keith, Mags, Shauneen, and all the Delegates who supported my motions. Great conference. Bye #LP09
  • 5:17 PM stretchneil - That Press Conference was the dullest thing imaginable. Can’t believe I spent all afternoon wondering about it…
  • 5:23 PM krayZpaving - Back home after a very enjoyable Labour Party Conference. Off to Laois in the morning campaigning with Nessa Childers #LP09
  • 5:35 PM stretchneil - OK, home sweet home. 1 week to go before I start getting paid to work for Labour (this weekend was a freebie!)
  • 5:44 PM krayZpaving - RT @patphelan [60] HSE has 43 seamstresses, but only 12 suicide officers ff.im [61]
  • 6:50 PM redmum - Just back from Labour Conference where I was one of the @labour [1] tweeters, wrecked, but about to launch into lots of pics #LP09
  • 6:50 PM redmum - Great weekend in Mullingar, up 2 late up 2 early, would love day off, but have to get pics ready for local papers, no rest for wicked. #LP09
  • 6:50 PM redmum - Also want to thank everyone who tweeted and helped with Labour’s online work, much appreciated and will be seeking help again next yr #LP09
  • 9:04 AM Simon McGarr - If you’d like to join in, just leave a comment here or post on twitter and add the tag #lp09 at the end.

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