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Questions and Answers RTE 1 23/02/2009

  • 10:51 PM lexia - Oh my, Martin Cullen on last Saturday’s march #qa1
  • 10:52 PM Simon McGarr - Ok, who’s on the Panel? We’ve got Fintin O’Toole, Martin Cullen…
  • 10:55 PM lexia - I’m sorry. Martin Cullen turns me off. I’m sure I’m not the only one. #qa1
  • 10:55 PM Tupp_Ed - Michael Soden, former Bank of Ireland CEO! Charlie Flanagan, FG filled shirt #qa1
  • 10:55 PM Simon McGarr - Anyone turned on by Martin Cullen is to be shunned.
  • 11:04 PM omahonydonnelly - @lexia There is something creepy about Martin Cullen. I don’t believe anything he says. #qa1
  • 11:04 PM Tupp_Ed - Faceache audience member complaining about his pension. I can’t have with pension complaints. #qa1
  • 11:04 PM Tupp_Ed - Fintin is straight in at 5th Gear. Squashing Martin Cullen into paste. Though he is refuses to acknowledge his pasting. #qa1
  • 11:04 PM Tupp_Ed - Local companionship revoked, on the grounds that she will not be lied to #qa1
  • 11:05 PM Simon McGarr - Cullen spouting actual clinical gibberish. It’s concerning.
  • 11:05 PM lexia - Nobody points like Fintan O’Toole. Even his teased tresses point corkscrews. #qa1
  • 11:05 PM AdamMaguire - @Tupp_Ed Landlords are mobile investment. If they get taxed more they’ll take their houses elsewhere #qa1
  • 11:07 PM jdrumgoole - Holy shit Michael Soden rears his head. Maybe he can get his old job back as a bank CEO. #qa1
  • 11:09 PM jdrumgoole - Fintan O’Toole is kicking ass and taking names on Questions & Answers. Martin Cullen is on the ropes #qa1
  • 11:09 PM Mark_Coughlan - Cullen is on the ropes. That FG “plant” comment was stupid. Q&A is daycent this week bhoy… #qa1
  • 11:10 PM dermotcasey - @jdrumgoole Hmmmh wonder who’d he’d think fit as CEO. He’s popping up all over the place at the moment. #qa1
  • 11:10 PM jdrumgoole - @jonathangrimes tough gig for Cullen #qa1
  • 11:10 PM Tupp_Ed - Soden has demented plan. He reveals that the government had just taken a punt by recapitalising the banks and lost. #qa1
  • 11:11 PM Tupp_Ed - Holy Flaming Fuck! Soden, former CEO of Bank of Ireland, tells us he is apolitical. #qa1
  • 11:12 PM Mark_Coughlan - Bowman is giving the FGr a lot of air time #qa1
  • 11:12 PM jonathangrimes - @jdrumgoole Where’s Willie O’Dea when you need him #qa1
  • 11:12 PM uberalex - Wow nationalising the banks. The government has done such a great job with its own finances, it surely can improve the banks. #qa1
  • 11:14 PM dermotcasey - For a second I thought Mary Robinson was on Q&A when I heard the journalist had to look at telly to check. #qa1
  • 11:14 PM Mark_Coughlan - The three C’s… will that be the GUBU of the naughties? ohhh #qa1
  • 11:15 PM Tupp_Ed - Guess how you find out something is illegal… #qa1
  • 11:15 PM midnightcourt - regulator not merely asleep at the wheel, was massively understaffed and underqualified. that’s down to general ‘tude to CS staffing #qa1
  • 11:15 PM Tupp_Ed - Fecking Cullen on again. Now his face makes me angry. #qa
  • 11:15 PM dermotcasey - Why do people point to tough US regulations. The global crisis originated with US liar loans (which we followed) #qa1
  • 11:15 PM Tupp_Ed - Guess how you find out something is illegal… #qa1
  • 11:16 PM uberalex - The ‘no smoke without fire’ argument is profoundly ridiculous. I can’t believe this person is trying to suggest a perp walk… #qa1
  • 11:17 PM midnightcourt - scalps all very well – Ireland de facto deregulated by not having any actual regulators. Plenty law on books #qa1
  • 11:17 PM Tupp_Ed - Ahh! Eyes starting to bleed while I listen.. everything I’m hearing making my brain implode. #qa1
  • 11:19 PM uberalex - @Tupp_Ed I tuned in because of twitter – regret it now #qa1
  • 11:19 PM Tupp_Ed - Cullen doesn’t accept Anglo shenanigans was legal. But at the same time he thinks it wasn’t illegal either #qa1
  • 11:20 PM midnightcourt - hahahahahahahahaha cullen doesn’t know any of the bankers #qa1
  • 11:20 PM donkearns - @dermotcasey Does the constant analysis of the problem(s) not get annoying? Whatever happened to honesty anyway? #qa1
  • 11:21 PM Mark_Coughlan - Fintan O’Toole, you legend. #qa1 … Martin “as far as I know well I kind of think it was sort of kind of a bit, yeah legal”…
  • 11:23 PM dermotcasey - Does Mike Soden think he’d have done it any different if he was still in charge. Lemmings go off the cliff together #qa1
  • 11:24 PM Tupp_Ed - Ads a blessed relief. My stomach is clenched now. I was told this was bad for me. Why do I do it to myself? #qa1
  • 11:24 PM Tupp_Ed - Ad based on Groundhog Day for the Canary Islands. Not sure they realised he’s in hell, not an extended holiday. #qa1
  • 11:25 PM Tupp_Ed - Brilliant! An ad for PostBank. #qa1
  • 11:25 PM midnightcourt - The Potato Republic does the coup d’etat so much more subtly than its Banana equivalent #qa1
  • 11:25 PM Tupp_Ed - Ad based on Groundhog Day for the Canary Islands. Not sure they realised he’s in hell, not an extended holiday. #qa1
  • 11:27 PM Simon McGarr - Audience member produces ‘National Government’ canard. A chance for Charlie Flanagan to explain why FG is totally, totally different to FF.
  • 11:28 PM Tupp_Ed - Audience member produces ‘National Government’ canard. A chance for Charlie Flanagan to explain why FG is totally, totally different to FF.
  • 11:28 PM Tupp_Ed - Brilliant! An ad for PostBank. #qa1
  • 11:28 PM Mark_Coughlan - Martin, another fine example of focused, thought out, directed Fiana Fail leadership #qa1
  • 11:28 PM dermotcasey - Oh wow. Postbank ad which was done before the crisis is very appropiate in the circumstances #qa1
  • 11:28 PM andyaz - Fintan O’Toole should be on every week. #qa1
  • 11:28 PM jdrumgoole - @Tupp_Ed Ah double think, a mandatory skill for government and bankers in Ireland today #qa1
  • 11:28 PM Mark_Coughlan - Poorly phrased question… “since we’re in a recession…” it’s not JUST a recession, it’s way more than that! #qa1
  • 11:28 PM midnightcourt - Let us never forget Martin Cullen was a PD TD. #qa1
  • 11:30 PM Tupp_Ed - Soden talking. Telling us what to do like he knows best, and isn’t a banker angling for a 2nd chance from the gov #qa1
  • 11:31 PM Tupp_Ed - Fintin taking the chance to ride out his lifelong, long advocated dream of a FG/FF merger to leave space for a Labour led opposition #qa1
  • 11:31 PM ghartnett - @jdrumgoole Yeah, Cullen got a hammering. Soden seemed to make sense near the end of his “we have to stop arguing and do something…” #qa1
  • 11:33 PM Tupp_Ed - Martin Cullen keeps telling us he agrees with everyone. Then ignores what they said and trots out something that makes no sense. #qa1
  • 11:34 PM wesg - I’ve had to switch it off, just can’t listen to any more misdirection and obfuscation by Cullen (Mr. eVoting) #qa1
  • 11:34 PM gavreilly - Like FG wouldn’t have tried to introduce e-voting… #qa1
  • 11:40 PM midnightcourt - Fintan’s fantasy appears designed pour etaper le bourgeoisie #qa1
  • 11:40 PM Tupp_Ed - And we’re out. Many thanks to the twitter-witters throughout. If you’d like a copy on your blog try the following #qa1
  • 11:41 PM Simon McGarr - POINTY BRACKETiframe src=’‘ width=’400′ height=’500′ frameborder=’0′ style=’border: 1px solid #000′></iframeCLOSING POINTY BRACKET

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  1. Why are the government not arrsting people like sean fitzpatrick are other top bankers who have destroyed this economy.The reason this government will be voted out in the next election is because they are too goods of pals with the developers and the likes

    Posted by Eoin obrien | March 23, 2009, 11:24 pm

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